Maximise Your Revision Time one simple underused daily habit

Maximise Your Revision Time: one simple habit

If you are looking to maximise your revision time, this simple yet underused daily habit will absolutely transform your revision.

I used to struggle with this horrifying habit,

Maybe you do as well?

I’d start revising and not finish,

easily get distracted and find a whole host of other stuff to do,

Even if the other stuff was equally boring or pointless – lol

Maybe you’re the same?

Like… sit down to revise and within 15-mins find yourself scrolling FB or cleaning the kitchen.

OR you know you should do some coursework on your LAP but that “should” never becomes a “MUST” or “I DID IT”.

You with me?

That’s when I started using this simple quadrant.

This SIMPLE – yet a mega-powerful way of managing time to get $h1t done.

Here’s a brief overview of the 4 sections:

The Four Quadrants of Time Management

Top left
1. Important and Urgent – DO IT NOW: Crises and Emergencies.

Top right
2. Important but Not Urgent – PLAN IT: Prevention, Planning, and Improvement.

Bottom left
3. Not Important but Urgent – DELEGATE: Interruptions and Busy Work.

Bottom right
4. Not Important and Not Urgent – DROP IT: Time Wasting.

Most peeps procrastinate hard on tasks like revision and learning and choose activities from section 4  to relax and sedate. Bury ya head in the sand

section 4 = Not Important and Not Urgent such as cleaning or FB scrolling.

It’s not UNTIL the tasks we should, or MUST be been doing fall into section 1 that we truly take action.

Usually, because a deadline is looming, or an exam is literally around the corner.

Suddenly REVISION Time becomes Important and Urgent – and by default, we tackle tasks in section 1.

This is NOT a good place to be.

A DO IT NOW job soon becomes a Crises or Emergency to absorb as much knowledge as possible in just a few days before the exam.

Sounds familiar?

Now here’s the thing…

You want to place revision time and learning into section 2.

Section 2 = Important but Not Urgent – PLAN IT: Prevention, Planning, and Improvement.

If you place your tasks, revision, learning, etc into section 2 by design you are in control.

You then recognise these tasks are important to not only get done but also important to you…

yet are not urgent (right now) to complete.

Set aside small chunks of time daily to take purposeful action in section 2.

otherwise… these tasks soon drop into section 1 by default and you’re no longer in control.

→ Now your overwhelmed,
→ frustrated,
→ panicked and annoyed again – right?

TASK: BIG OPPORTUNITY for more Revision Time

Go through your entire day, from the moment you open your eyes to when you close them 12+ hours later.

Record exactly where you spent your time,

and I mean literally every damn minute.

I bet you’d be surprised – I bet you spend 99% of your day in section 1 and/or 4 by default.

The challenge is first to become aware of this and next,

take meaningful daily action to spend more time in section 2 by design and drop as much from section 1 and 4 as possible.

This won’t happen overnight

however, within a week or so you’ll have more and more time in section 2, completing tasks by design.

therefore “things” won’t ever become URGENT or drop into section 1 cos you’d have completed them.

Which means section 1 becomes for crises and true emergencies only such as a visit to A&E –

Plus, the more time spent in section 2 you’ll recognise how much time is wasted in section 4 and you’ll soon drop that time-wasting stuff as well.

Note: This may look and appear simple – but
DO NOT confuse simple with easy.

Most peeps look at this and say it’s great, but it won’t work for me because —> insert Xcuse.

or they give it a go but don’t do it for long enough or consistently to ACTUALLY see it working.

This isn’t easy – YET if followed it will have a profound positive impact on your day and the tasks you really WANT to be ticked off!

To focus your Revision Time into section 2 of this quadrant, its key to plan your revision, plan when you will study and know what you will study. 

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Dedicated to more

Hayley ‘time saver’ Bergman

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