Long Term Weight Loss Success Is Not About The Diet

Long Term Weight Loss Success Is Not About The Diet

In this blog, we dive into the long term weight loss advice that you give your clients, and that weight tends to come back, whatever the diet.

You’ll discover:

  • What is long term Weight Loss
  • Why diets work as a means of achieving weight loss
  • That weight tends to come back, whatever the diet 
  • The importance of behaviour change for long term results
  • Starting as a Confident and Knowledgeable Fitness Professional

What is long term Weight Loss?

The most common client goal in the fitness industry is weight loss related. It may be phrased as fatloss, toning, shredding or weight loss, but they mean the same thing.

When your client says they want any of these things, they didnt mention that they want to KEEP IT OFF.

Rather than lose the weight in the short term (1 – 6 months) they want to be able to maintain steady weight loss, and avoid it piling back on after.

They don’t just want weight loss, they want LONG TERM weight loss

Why diets help achieve weight loss

I guarantee that if your client has asked for help achievien gweight loss, they’ve also asked

“Which diet is best for weight loss”

This is heavily debated across online, offline, with your clients and inside our Fitpro-31 Coaching Programme.

The thing is, ANY diet will work for weight loss if it creates a calorie deficit,

but long term weight loss from diets is not so clear

Let’s clear it up with science and research…

Weight tends to come back, whatever the diet 

This 4 minute video explains why weight tends to come back when you rely on diets

In this meta-analysis of 21,942 overweight and obese participants, researchers compared the effects of 14 popular diets (low fat, low carb, DASH, Mediterranean, etc.) on weight loss and cardiovascular disease risk.

Interestingly the results showed after 6 months, ALL diets had led to modest weight loss and substantial reductions to cardiovascular disease risk.

At 12 months, these benefits were largely diminished, except for the Mediterranean diet’s benefit to cardiovascular health.

Those findings suggest that any diet may be used to promote weight loss, but that long term weight loss is less about the diet and more about behaviour change.

The importance of behaviour change for long term results

Creating Lasting Client Change is the glue that holds together your service as a FitPro.

You can have he best nutrition diet and the best workout plan in the world, but if your client doesn’t stick to it then it will have little impact on achieving their goals… just like the study above showed

Creating Lasting Client Change is the final video tutorial inside our FitPro-31 Coaching Programme, equipping you to be a knowledgeable and confident FitPro.

Do you want more confidence in your ability to get a result as a FitPro?

Find out how you can improve your training knowledge and application simultaneously in 31 days  

FITPRO-31 is not another course with more exams or for trainee fitness peep… far from it. 

It’s all about Practical application of Training Knowledge and building your CONFIDENCE as a Fitness Professional

You’ll supercharge your confidence and knowledge to work with clients and guarantee their goals.  

I guarantee you’ll have hundreds of “ah ha” moments as you progress your knowledge in coaching, planning, nutrition and behaviour change.

If you are constantly doubting your ability to get a result with a client and you want to build your confidence with more knowledge and practical application

Book a free strategy call HERE and we’ll send you all the details about FitPro-31 as well as hop on a call with you to answer your questions and see if you are a good fit for the programme 🙂

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