Level 4 Obesity - Fat Distribution

Level 4 Obesity: Fat Distribution and Storage

Level 4 Obesity: Fat Distribution and Storage

Learning about Obesity is not just about learning weight management techniques.

You also need to understand the real implications of what is happening inside…

And learn how to explain this to your clients

In this video, you’ll see how fat is stored and distributed on the inside of an obese client

NOTE: We cover this in our Level 4 Obesity Qualification 

The MRI in the video shows the difference in fat distribution between a healthy BMI and an Obese BMI… apart from being really interesting to look at – you can see a few clear observations highlighted…

1. Increased Subcutaneous Fat

Fat cells are expansive, and they can adapt to hold more lipids. So they are a great limitless storage area for excess calories/energy. Fat cells are all over the body, but here you see it visibly in the fat cells just underneath the skin.

2. Visceral Fat Limits Absorption

We have many fat cells around our organs in the abdominal cavity. This is called visceral fat and can restrict the function of the intestines. This means that absorption of key nutrients becomes impaired, contributing to less saturated feeling from food and fatigue and tiredness.

3. Undigested Food in the intestines

It is estimated that the average person will have 5-10 lbs of undigested food in their intestines at any one point. Excessive visceral fat can pack the organs tight in the abdominal cavity, and limit flow through the intestines. This can lead to more undigested food building up in the colon, getting stuck in the fold of the intestine. This can obviously start to decay and lead to constipation, pretty nasty bloating and gas, as well as colon cancer long term.

4. Fat around the heart

Fat cells are also present around the heart muscle itself. However, this can lead to potential heart problems in the future like heart failure and CHD

5. Fat in the brain

You can see in this image that fat cells are able to store fat in the skull cavity, which can restrict areas of the brain, causing tension and headaches.

Which of these observations are you most surprised by – we’d love to hear from you, so please drop your comment below.

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