Level 3 Nutrition Revision The function of fat

Level 3 Nutrition Revision – The Function of Fat

What is the function of fat?
Why do we need fat in our diet?

If you are working towards your Level 3 Nutrition revision and exam, then you need to understand the function of each macronutrient.

This video will explain why we need fat in our diet.

Level 3 Nutrition Revision – The Function of Fat

If you stay until the end there is also a mock question to test your knowledge, and special download to help your nutrition revision

What is a primary function of fat in the body?
A. Energy
B. Form hormones and cell membranes
C. Growth and repair
D. Anaerobic energy production

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If you want more mock questions for your Level 3 Nutrition exam, then click the link to download 50 mock questions, to help you prepare.

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