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Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course: The big IDEA of instructing

Hi it’s Hayley here from Parallel Coaching, I’m really excited because this weekend we start our level 2 fitness instructor course with a group of guys in Milton Keynes and I’m so excited, we’re just finishing the final part of prep now.

What we’re gonna go and teach straightaway in the very first day is all about the big IDEA behind fitness instructing and I’m actually going to use IDEA as an acronym so that you know
exactly how to instruct every single exercise you teach your clients.

Whether you’ve been doing this for years, already teaching clients or whether you’re brand new to it or whether you’re joining us this weekend… then the big IDEA is the fundamental part of instructing.

2 MIN VIDEO: Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course: The big IDEA of instructing

So what does it mean?

IDEA is an Acronym that will help structure your fitness instruction. You can use this acronym to instruct any exercise and training system, whether that is body weight, free weight, resistance machine or cv training:


First we need to Introduce the exercise that you’re doing or the system that you’re about to deliver with your client. Make it really clear what they’re gonna expect. You can include:

  • the name of the exercise,
  • the  muscles worked
  • the benefit of the exercise in relation to goals


D is about demonstrating so make sure there is some sort of visual input whether it’s a silent demo or maybe you’re doing a partial demo from lots of different angles so your client really has context about what it is they’re about to go and do. the key here is to demonstrate from multiple angles, so your client can really understand what is required of them.


E is about explain this is where you use your verbal skills to explain teaching points, adjustments of the machine or key points you want your client to be aware of throughout the
exercise. This may include:

  • Key teaching points on posture
  • Key teaching points for completing the exercise safely
  • External Cues
  • Machine adjustments

NOTE: You dont need to give all of your Explanations at once, you could say some of them whilst demonstrating, and some whilst your client is performing the exercise.


Then A is about action!  it’s about getting your client to do that exercise, so you can then analyze and correct them and actually build on their performance as a client. This is a great opportunity to focus on Improving the Performance of your client and ensure they are achieving overload on the required number of reps. Or if its CV make sure they are reaching the intended intensity at the right times.

So, that’s IDEA, these 4 stages make up the big IDEA behind Fitness Instructing.

Whether you’re currently studying on a Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course or whether you’ve been training clients for a long while just think to yourself are you using the big IDEA?

Please do drop a comment below to let us know.

I’m really looking forward to training with our latest group of learners on our Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course in Milton Keynes. If you would like to join us on a future Level 2 Fitness Instructor or Level 3 Personal Trainer Course, then please reach out HERE << We cap our courses at 16 learners, with two tutors, which means you always get the help and attention that you deserve.

This IDEA principle is just one of many acronyms and formulas that we use to help simplify learning and instruction, so you can put your effort into being the best version you can be as an instructor and a coach.

We are looking for 16 learners to join us on our next level 2 Fitness Instructor and L3 Personal Trainer Course in Milton Keynes, and we love to train with learners that really want to be the best they can be. If this is you, then we want to hear from you so reach out HERE (hurry; we sold out three months early on the course)

Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you on the next video, or in the classroom

Dedicated to your learning,


Parallel Coaching

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