Last Minute Revision: How to make the most of limited revision time Q&A

So, you’re in last minute revision mode, panicking about whether you will have enough time, and hunting for the best revision tips to make the most of your limited revision time.

If this is you, then stay tuned and be sure to watch throughout the whole video.

I have a very special guest on today’s video… She is petrified about an upcoming exam, feels underprepared and is adamant that she is not remembering anything that she reads.

Last Minute Revision Q &A – watch the video:

I speak with a lot of learners, that ask these exact last minute revision questions, so here you can see my answers to those questions, and I have a special download and a revision solution for you too.

Q1: Is two weeks enough to get all of my last minute revision in?

ANSWER: Two weeks can be enough, just make sure that you aren’t too busy in the rest of your life at this time, as you will want to have enough time to cover all areas of your study syllabus.

Q2: I don’t remember anything that I read?

ANSWER: You are 100 percent not alone on this. A lot of people feel like they are not retaining the information they are learning – ask yourself – how are you testing your knowledge at the moment?

Most learners are unfair on themselves and are trying to retain the whole manual. So, make sure you test yourself using a method equivalent to what you will be tested using on exam day.

You can download 101 mock questions, by following the link here…

Q3. But what if the information is still not going into MY BRAIN?

ANSWER: It is really important to mix up your learning and use different modes, as you will pick up different bits of info by mixing it up. Video can be really great for learning, especially if you are a visual learner, or if you are on a tight schedule.

Q4. I don’t want to scan through hundreds of YouTube videos to find a video for each part of the manual. What else can I do?

ANSWER: If you want to make the most of your limited revision time and access video tutorials that is structured to what you need to know for your exam, then definitely check out our Revision Mastery Series.

Our Revision Mastery Series is perfect if you are doing last minute revision, you have approximately 7 video tutorials, each is available as an MP3 download so you can listen on repeat in the car or through your headphones. You can also download cheat sheets, and mock questions to get further clarity. It allows you to learn across multiple modes of learning and we use analogies and stories to help you remember it.

Q5. Is two weeks enough time?

ANSWER: We have had learners enroll in our Revision Mastery Series just 1-2 days before heir exam and successfully crammed their revision in, going on to pass their personal trainer anatomy exam first time. However, regardless of the limited revision time frame, make sure you have plenty of time within that short time frame to dedicate to studying.

If you are struggling with your last minute revision, then I definitely recommend you check out the Revision Mastery Series and the offer that we have on at the moment.

Please leave a comment below sharing with us below, how are you currently dealing with your last minute revision? Looking forward to reading and replying to your comments below.

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