[L2 Principles of Exercise] What is Overtraining?

[L2 Principles of Exercise] What is Overtraining?

What is Overtraining?

In preparation for your Level 2 Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health exam, you need to know when the exercise you have done is too much!

Progression is great, but you need to understand when to regress a programme for a client, and for that you need to know what is overtraining, and you need to be able to recognise the symptoms of overtraining.

This quick 3.5minute video is a snippet taken from our Level 2 Principles of Exercise Revision Mastery Series.

What is Overtraining?

Do you recognise any of these Overtraining Symptoms in yourself or in clients?

What is overtraining symptom that you recognise for yourself – mine is always the grouchy mood and excessive fatigue. A great signal that its time to take it a bit easier 🙂

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