how to warm up before a gym session

How to Warm Up Before a Gym Session

how to warm up before a gym sessionThis honestly astounds me…

I found out the other day that 76% of people never warm up before a gym session, and those that do, are often not warming up effectively…

Wow, that’s crazy…

Check out the three warm up videos below

Do you warm up before a gym session?

When I quiz people about why they don’t warm up properly, its because they dont understand or see the value in warming up.

They think it doesn’t relate to them,

They tried it once and it didn’t make a difference

They actually don’t know what to do

They just want to get the session started

They don’t feel they have enough time to warm up and train

They don’t want to look “weird” in front of other gym members

Its new… and they don’t want to look like a “tool” failing at a new move.

If any of these are you, then keep on reading you’ll get a lot from the sequences below

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Why should you warm up…

Warming up is a preparation. A way to make sure you are ready for the session.

It allows you to activate the right energy system, it allows you to get neurologically fired. It allows you to open up the joints and prepare the muscles, ligaments and tendons. It allows you focus your mind and get “in the zone”.

There is something to be said for treating yourself like an Olympic athlete, preparing yourself for your best performance yet… but on every session.

I guarantee after a good mobilising warm up you will actually feel awesome. You will feel in control of your session and able to perform at a better standard, lift more, run faster, have less pain, less aches…..the list keeps on going

So, here’s how to warm up before a gym session…

First of all, You need a system to follow, so you know you are not missing anything out.

My favorite is MARS [Mobilise, Activate posture, Raise Pulse, Stretch]

Check out these 3 systems for warming up >>

Why Mobilise? 

Getting warm in temperature is important, but mobilising your body is key to warm up success.

Mobilising will decrease risk of injury in tendons, ligaments and muscles. It will allow you to get the most out of your movements in your a min session

These are the three things you need in a mobility section of a warm up…

  • You should explore mobility in all major joints, and gently increase range throughout the warm up as you get more warm and supple.
  • You should include all three movement planes.
  • You should include weight bearing movement, by moving your body weight onto the area you will be working –> it’s great prep for your session, especially if you are about to go into a weight training sesh!

These are my favourite three ways to warm up before a gym session…

1) Inchworm into Downward dog and Tripod twist.

From a flexibility point of view… the inchworm stretches out the hamstrings and back and the downward dog really challenges the gastrocs (calves). The Tripod Twist is a great way to test your co-ordination before going into a gym session, waking up your mind-movement connection. Also, do enough reps of this sequence and you will certainly get a pulse raise.

2) The Crab Reach

This is pure mobility and focus. Focusing on the hand and body positioning really gets you “in the zone of the session”, but the biggest benefit of this sequence is obvious… its an immense hip opener, and great for spinal extension.

If you sit at a desk all day, go slowly and start gradual –> but this is perfect for you!

3) The shoulder opener…

This sequence is epic before a back or chest session… and its harder than it looks…

The downward dog and three legged dogs are a massive challenge on the calves, but also focus on opening the chest here and squeezing the shoulder blades into your backpockets.

Bringing the leg through and then kicking it under the body for a twist, puts a great amount of pressure on your hands. A perfect prep for bench pressing. The core activation and gentle twist on the spine will help your spine adhere to true posture in your main gym session too.

These are my fav three mobility sequences and how I warm up before a gym session.

Give them a go on your next session, and gradually progress your joint range as you go. Really concentrate on how you feel in the positions… even if you feel a bit clunky on the first one or two, you’ll notice you feel loads better in the session that follows.

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See you on the other side…

Hayley “The 360 degree mobilised” Bergman

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