How to Use your Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Mock Paper To Pass Without Wasting Time

How to Use Your Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Mock Paper To Pass Without Wasting Time

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Maybe you’re preparing and doing lots of revision,
Maybe you’re getting together lots of mock papers?

What we commonly hear is that learners aren’t using mock papers in a way that will be a time effective, but also in a way that it’s going to actually help them pass and improve their own knowledge and understanding, so that’s what we’re going to look at here today :

How you can use your mock tests to help improve your understanding and your knowledge and therefore pass your exam without wasting time along the way.

That’s what we’re going to look at in today’s Webclass.

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Myth Busting: I need more mock papers

First of all myth-busting the myth that we hear lots of learners ask is that “you need lots of different mock test papers in order to pass your exam”

This is absolute BS, it’s false, it’s a myth.

And learners are constantly asking us for more and more mock papers more and more mock questions and what we find is that they’re not necessarily learning or implementing any lessons as a result of doing each of the mock questions. That’s what we’re going to look at here today is how to make that effective.

Doing lots of mock test questions will not help you answer the questions better on exam day and they will not show you the exact questions or answers for exam day, which is what generally, learners are expecting.

They think that if they do enough mock test questions then they’ll get the ones that will appear on exam day and it actually just doesn’t work like that.

Mock Papers are also not going to teach you what you don’t know if you just blindly go over them, you don’t necessarily get any better at learning the knowledge.

However, if you do some mock questions in a specific way, which I’ll show you in just a moment, then you’ll:

  • start learning what you do know (which is your strengths),
  • you’ll start learning what you need to revise (which are your weaknesses)
  • and you’ll start also learning the wording of what to expect on exam day so you can tweak your exam strategy
  • and you’ll know the structure and what to expect.

So mock questions are a really good thing to use as part of your whole revision strategy but alongside this you don’t want to do these blindly you want to go through with a very clear strategy to using them so

Here’s how not to use mock questions:

You don’t want to repeat the same questions over and over again because these are going to end up getting stuck in your brain as fixed answers for fixed questions. You don’t necessarily learn the content or read the exam question properly.

You don’t want to go through blindly doing lots and not questions without any taking any action or on any trends or weak areas because it doesn’t move you forwards in your knowledge and understanding.

And you also don’t want to learn the more questions hoping that the exact same ones will turn up on exam day because exams don’t work like that it’s not one great big stock of exam questions and then on exam day they just take a few. They would test your knowledge on the same areas and the same topics of information, however, they will be worded differently and that’s what we need to now know the knowledge.

Here’s how you can use your mock questions:

There are four steps to follow


First of all you want to analyze so you want to go through and do a mock paper or a section of a mock paper and then you want to analyze and really look at your answers and you’re looking for clues, you’re looking to categorize the things that you got right or wrong.

  • The first thing that you want to look for do you get it wrong because you didn’t understand the question. Now, this would come down to really a case of understanding your exam strategy.
  • Did you understand the wording? How are you breaking down that question?
  • If you got the question wrong because you genuinely didn’t know the answer then it’s a chance that you didn’t actually understand the knowledge of that area or of that topic. So it shows you your weaker areas you can then go and work on.

So you’ve got these three different categories you can use two of which relate to exam strategy one of which relates to knowledge and you want to
look through all your answers and see them as clues so that you can find out what areas you need to work on and then


Step two is to devise a strategy so you can practice a new exam strategy that helps you read the questions properly and also helps you understand what is genuinely being asked for you


Start learning and revising the weak areas so if your knowledge highlighted that you need to focus on the heart and circulatory system or you need to focus on muscles then you want to go and look and learn more about that area so that you can then understand it and answer all the other questions and your final exam and therefore lead to step four. Our revision mastery bootcamp will teach you everything you need to know for your exam, across all of the topics:


PASS your exam

So they’re the four steps, they are very straightforward and it’s not a case of blindly doing the Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology mock paper, but instead taking your time to find the trends and improve your knowledge and understanding

Try these 4 steps on some mock questions, by downloading Free Mock questions here:

Fitness Exam Mock Questions free download

When will you implement this 4 step strategy to change how you use your mock papers. COMMENT BELOW

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