How To Study Effectively Over Lockdown

This blog will show you 5 Tips to Study Effectively Over Lockdown, so you can revise for your L2 or L3 Fitness Exam or study for your coursework with fewer distractions and more productivity.

You’ll discover:

  • How to overcome the challenges and distractions of lockdown
  • Why your study space and routine matters when studying
  • The importance of asking for help
  • And Three Example Mock Questions to test your knowledge

5 Tips to Study Effectively Over Lockdown

Before we dive into the 5 Study Tips, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Lockdown has brought a load of challenges to trainee FITPROs and the Fitness Industry.

It has affected how your course is being delivered. You may have enrolled in a course that was designed to be taught with some face-to-face learning or had support from your training provider cut. The provider may have even given you alternative methods to learn and revise over lockdown or changed your exam dates.

Lockdown has affected whether you can practice coaching skills in a gym, which means theoretical learning doesn’t get applied physically.

It has affected your own work and turned your daily routine on it’s head, which comes with its own set of challenges relating to time management, family stress and lack of study focus.

However, all of these challenges can be remedied by making some tweaks to how you study and setting yourself up for success each day.

Here are 5 study tips to get you through Lockdown, and come out the other side with more knowledge and understanding.

1. Study Space

Everyone has a different home environment so there is no set rule of how to organize your study space. However, having a well organized and uncluttered space will always help concentration and focus.

Try to keep whatever study space you have neat and tidy. This will help you stay calm and feel well organized. This also means you know where everything is, so you dont waste valuable study time looking for a rogue highlighter pen.

Consider your posture when studying. Avoid trying to work when lying down or in other situations where reading and writing is tricky, or your posture is uncomfortable or slouched.

Find a space (or multiple spaces for variety) that serves you for studying. Try to limit people walking past or asking questions by finding a quiet area and letting others know how long you want to be distraction-free.

2. Distractions

Procrastination is always the enemy of effective study and it’s an even bigger danger when working at home with the temptations of social media, Netflix, tidying the house, kids doing homework etc.

For a start, move your phone some distance away so it’s not instantly available, and put it on silent so you are not tempted by the notifications.

Use it as a treat when you’ve achieved a particular task rather than as a constant companion.  

The Pomodoro Technique is kinda like an interval, with a WORK to REST ratio.

WORK: Focused study for 25 mins
REST: 5 mins total rest/relax
REPEAT up to 4 times

This is a great way to structure your revision time and beat procrastination

Noise-canceling headphones may help you concentrate which is great if your study involves watching videos or listening to audio without distraction. You could also listen to some instrumental music (lyrics tend to grab your attention and don’t help).

3. Schedule

It’s easy to slip into a situation at home where work and leisure become blurred. Because there’s no structure offered by a change of environment, a meeting, a class or even a gym workout.

Work can spill into leisure time and leisure can leak into times when you should be studying. This is particularly likely if you are working from home, and trying to homeschool your kids.

Use a schedule to help you with this.

Block out the specific times that you will revise in your week. It is a great way to ensure that the revision becomes a priority.

You can chose how long you spend on your revision each week, and how long each block is.

You might have 30 mins on a Tuesday lunch time, an hour on Saturday or even 10 mins every morning before work.

The key is to schedule it

4. How You Learn

Everyone learns differently. The key is to find what works for you and what fits into your new routine.

Just because you get given a book to read from your training provider, doesn’t mean that there arent other options to learn using video or audio.

For some, the simple question/answer format of flashcards enables easy self-testing while for others the more visual form of the brain dump is great at showing how the various aspects of a topic are linked. 

If you’re making notes challenge yourself to do a “one-pager” per topic. This stops you from re-writing the manual in paragraphs and instead works as a reminder of your knowledge.

This format allows you to test yourself easily and the very process of creating the notes in this way forces you to think about the meaning of the content.

5. Don’t do it alone

Pretty much everyone will be staying in touch with friends and family using Skype, Zoom, or some other video tool. But don’t forget you can also maintain contact with another trainee FITPROs, so you can ask questions and be around like minded people.

The best place for this is to join our Inner Circle Facebook group HERE

Remember it’s ok to ask for help and get more support. If you need help or guidance with your studies make sure you reach out to us, even if you are with another training provider. CONTACT US For help

Test your exam readiness with today’s mock questions:

[NOTE: The answers are below the 3rd questions]

1. Which joint action occurs at the elbow during the eccentric phase of a bicep curl?
A. Extension
B. Flexion
C. Adduction
D. Lateral Flexion

2.Which type of bone are the tarsals classified as?
A. Long
B. Flat
C. Short
D. Thin

3. Which part of the nervous system prepares the body for fight or flight in stressful situations?
A. Afferent
B. Efferent
C. Sympathetic
D. Parasympathetic

What’s the CORRECT answer?

Answers to the mock questions are :

Question 1= A, Question 2 = C, Question 3 = C

If you want more mock questions like this, then you can download more Free Mock Questions: DOWNLOAD NOW

In summary

  • Schedule your revision to maintain consistency during lockdown
  • Change how you revise to match the “different daily routine”
  • Involve other people in your revision
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