How to stretch the hamstrings even with limited mobility

How to stretch the hamstrings: Even with limited mobility

How to stretch the hamstrings – even with limited mobility

Hi I’m Hayley from Parallel Coaching in this video I’m going to tell you how to stretch the hamstrings, and give an example of a different type of hamstring stretch you can use with clients even if they have limited mobility.

The hamstring stretch I’m going to show you today is really good if you’ve got client’s that maybe they’re obese made a very sedentary maybe they are pre/postnatal so they’ve got a bump in front or maybe they have a limited range of movement just due to tight hamstrings so I’m gonna share with you a stretch that’s really simple that they can do at home at work or anywhere in daily life. This is a maintenance stretch so we’re gonna hold it for 15 seconds.

How to stretch the hamstrings: Muscle anatomy

The most important thing about any stretch is to take the origin away from the insertion so what we’re gonna do in this hamstring stretch is just take the Ischium, so the sits bones, away from the heel and that will stretch out the hamstring…

The Origin: Ischium
The Insertion: Tibia
Focusing on taking the Ischium away from the Tibia (easiest to imagine the heel moving away from the sits bones)

How to stretch the hamstring - muscle anatomy

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