How to Revise Over Christmas

Do you know how to revise over Christmas? Christmas is the perfect time to get in some extra revision and be prepared for your exam in the new year.

In general, most people put things off until the new year – we put off the diet, we put off a new exercise regime, we put off the new project and we put off learning and revision.

There will be hundreds of learners putting off their revision this year, and let’s face it… revision is probably not high up on the list of enjoyable things to do. By the time you have watched the classic Christmas films, sunk a few drinks and over-indulged on chocolates there isn’t much time left for revision… is there?

It might seem like the worst time to study… but actually choosing to revise over Christmas is a really good idea, and here’s why:

Why you should revise over Christmas:

Everything is different: One thing is a definite, Christmas is a total change of schedule. Work stops for a week, we see more family, and even the shops are shut. This means that our usual reasons for not being able to revise, are instantly not a problem anymore. For example, if you are usually busy at work, then you have just freed up a massive 8 hours a day, could you use 30 mins a day for revision? If you are usually running around after children all day, Christmas is a great time to “loan” them out to the in-laws and get a cheeky 30 minutes of quiet time and revision.

We relax: Christmas Holidays are a time for relaxation, and when we are relaxed our ability to retain and recall information is significantly increased.

There are only so many Christmas films you can watch: Let’s face it, you’ve seen Home Alone hundreds of times. Those 103minutes could be put to much better use with some revision.

Accountability: At Christmas, you have a lot of people around you that can hold you accountable to getting the revision done.

Now here’s the problem.

You know you should revise, but have no idea how to revise of Christmas and where to start. Use this 5 step guide to get serious traction on your revision this year.

How to Revise Over Christmas:

Plan your Christmas events.

Get all your events, friend meet-ups and family dinners on a calendar or schedule so you can see what blocks of time you have available for revision purposes. Having a good time over the Christmas is important as well; so plan this in, and work your revision around it.

Go mobile!

If your designated revision space is usually the dining room table, then your piles of revision notes are probably going to be put in a cupboard over Christmas to make way for the Turkey and Potatoes. Prepare for this by going mobile! Use an online learning platform like our Revision Mastery Series that you can access from your phone, tablet or laptop anywhere. This will allow you to make the most of the odd 30 minutes whilst you are waiting for the family to arrive, or 90 minutes whilst everyone else watches those horrendous Christmas films on repeat.

Mix it up and make it fun.

Try not to spend hours staring at a PC screen or your revision notes. Keep your brain active and alert by changing tasks and mixing up your learning method using a mix of audio whilst walking, or using mock questions and watching videos. If you want to involve the kids then make it fun, print out flashcards and get them to quiz you; or you could be the quizmaster against two teams of family and friends. Use our mock questions and see how many your friends can get correct, whilst you are working out the answers you are continually revising, and the moment your friend gets it hilariously wrong will stay in your mind.

It’s not a chore.

It has been proven that those that see a revision or learning as a chore are less likely to stick to a revision schedule and unlikely to recall information with ease. Instead, couple your revision with a treat so you look forward to your 30-minute revision session each day. You might accompany your revision with some ice cream, or a long bath, or walking the dog. Do something you enjoy and associate the revision to that enjoyment 🙂

The Christmas Cram

Another approach might be to hit the ground running at the beginning of the holiday and do a Christmas Cram over a few days, leaving you the rest of the holiday for tinsel and chocolates! This works well if you have a structured method of learning, like with our Revision Mastery Series. This technique won’t suit everybody and you’ll need to be mentally able to endure the ‘cram’ and sticking to your revision schedule.

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💡 Highlights

1) Use Christmas to make progress on your revision - don't put it off to the new year

2) Choose to mix it up and make it fun, or to do a full Christmas Cram

3) Download the Free Revision Pass Pack to focus your Christmas revision


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