How to revise for your fitness exams

How to revise for your fitness exams

Most trainee personal trainers and fitness coaches are fantastic at pushing themselves to the extreme in their training and their fitness…
However when it comes to revising and studying…

They cop out!

But what if you revised like you trained, what if you applied everything you know and used the same passion, hard work and determination to complete your fitness exams…

That’s how to revise for your fitness exams!

Take what you know and apply it to your studies…

I guarantee two things would happen:

1. You would plan out your time to revise and make it a priority. In the same way you plan out your gym workouts in advance, you know what day is leg day, you know when you are doing cardio. If you planned out your revision, you would know what day you are learning about the heart and lungs and what day you are learning about the muscles.

2. You would embrace the challenge. When you are pushing weights or running for a PB, the hard bit is the exhilarating bit… the challenge is what makes you feel triumphant. Being able to overcome what most people don’t overcome, being able to achieve more than the week before…. all of these reasons are why we get addicted to training, and why we see results! Apply this to your revision… when it gets tough, make it your mission to overcome the tough bits, you don’t give up, you keep persisting.

So, my task for you today…
Comment below, how you are going to learn from your workouts and apply this to your revision.

If you want to genuinely improve how you are studying right now then you need to do this. Writing it down means you have to think about your answer and take a moment to consolidate it.

Looking forward to seeing your comments

Dedicated to your learning,


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