How to lose weight …forever

How to lose weight …foreverAS A PERSONAL Trainer I am sure you have heard your clients say “I don’t know how to lose weight ”. Do we really want them to lose weight or would it be better to say…

 “We can turn off your FAT Switch Forever”

Now that’s a pretty powerful statement, especially on a client taster session or consultation. What if we said you can say that you have the answer to long term weight management, a guaranteed long term success formula…

…and say that they can achieve this “Fat divorce” without stress and pills, shakes, dieting, will power and… No worries about re-finding the weight they lost!

Are your clients sick and tired of panicking at the thought of wearing their best cloths or bikini? Being out of breath when they walk? Trying to find clothes to hide those bulging body parts? Not wanting to have their picture taken? Being tired all the time? Looking in the mirror and seeing them as fat and out of shape? or finally, feeling like their weight is out of control?

I can guess they have probably tried everything to lose weight, society today programmes us to believe that diets, pills, shakes, meal replacement, rigorous exercise and willpower are the only ways to lose weight, it’s no wonder your clients feel frustrated.  And no matter how hard they try and no matter what you say the client still decides to hit a fad diet approach – aaahhhh!

The Good News is Your Search is Over! You Can Finally set your clients up for long term weight management success.

Even if your client says “I don’t know how to lose weight , forever” you’re about to discover a permanent solution that will end your client’s dieting FOREVER.  So where do we begin? The client needs to stop trying to “Lose” Weight (how counter-intuitive).

Research clearly shows that over 95% of people who manage to “lose” weight will gain it all back, and most of them will end up weighing more than when they started (rapid weight regain).  What we really want is to permanently get rid of the excess weight – not LOSE it. Think about it!  When you lose something, what happens? You go looking for it.  If you “lost” your wallet or your phone you’d go looking for it, wouldn’t you?  Your subconscious mind is literal and it knows if you lose something you will consciously or unconsciously try to find it again.  So the language we use is key to success, the client ultimately self-sabotages themselves before they even get going.  We are not trying to lose the clients weight; we are getting rid of it once and for all – big difference.

What you are about to learn is a slight change in language and how to get rid of the clients excess weight once and for all!

At some point your client makes a conscious decision – “I need to lose weight”.  The next step is they find a a quick fix that promises to help lose the weight.  They read the book, take the pills, shake the shake or join a weight loss program.  After they “lose” some weight, for whatever reason, they decide the diet and programme is over.  Slowly but surely, weight steadily comes back and the “lost” pounds and inches soon return. Worse yet, they end up weighing more than they did before you started your diet.  If this has happened to your clients, it’s almost guaranteed to have FAILED them, there must be a reason.  It reported that a female in the UK will go through an average 6 fad diets in their life and men slightly less at 4.8.
So, in order to understand the real reason to weight loss and
weight (re)gain, we need to talk about the concept of one Brain with two minds.  Although we all have one brain, we possess two minds. One is called the conscious mind and the other is called the subconscious mind.  The primary difference between the Conscious and Subconscious is one gives directions and the other follows orders.

Between your conscious and subconscious there is a divide.  This divide has one key function, to keep things the same. Its primary intention is to make life easier by rejecting or resisting information that doesn’t match the blueprint you already have inside your subconscious mind.

This can be tremendously useful when someone tries to persuade you to do something stupid like telling you that you can “Jump off a building and you’ll fly!” But, it’s also very harmful when it keeps you stuck with a belief or habit
that is not desirable – such as being overweight.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say your client makes a conscious decision to lose weight. They start their weight loss programme or diet.  However, because their subconscious blueprint is not in agreement with their conscious decision to lose weight, it sets up resistance. Whenever the client has resistance or a counter-intention between their conscious and subconscious mind; their subconscious will resist their conscious mind’s instructions.
In this case, to lose weight, rather than divorce the fat.

The only way to get your subconscious mind to agree to get rid of the weight permanently is to bypass the divide of your conscious mind. This cannot be done through “willpower”.  Will power alone is not enough, yet so many people rely on this and wonder why their weight loss programme failed them.  Your subconscious mind ultimately dictates exactly what you weigh…down to the ounce!  The reason for this is your subconscious is a place where emotions are stored. Emotions are the fuel that drives us.  Your subconscious is controlled by emotion, not logic.  Logically or consciously you may want to get rid of the excess weight, but on an emotional level your subconscious is programmed to keep you fat and even if you “lose” the weight, you are programmed to “re-find” it again.

Here is what the client needs to know: Over 95% of all weight problems are emotionally driven. What this means is their inability to control their weight has nothing to do with eating too much food, eating the wrong foods or not wanting to do any type exercise. All of these are the effect, not the cause of your weight problem.  The cause of the client’s inability to get rid of the excess fat is held within the discrepancy of their conscious and subconscious mind.

People are not fat because they overeat. They overeat because of something else, which should be the primary basis of your programme, to explore this “something else” – and is the key to finding the clients ideal weight where they are healthy and not carrying around any excess fat.  The client may not be aware of it consciously, but at some emotional level they have made the association that food or being fat makes you feel safe, secure, loved, accepted, comfortable, protected, rewarded, or reduces stress and boredom.

So here’s the good news >> if you guide the client to remove the emotional “cause”, the physical “effect” will be effortless with their weight being ridden gone once and for all.

The key therefore to long term sustainable weight loss is not calorie-counting or choosing a dietary approach nor is it to hit the gym 7 days a week at 6am.  It is a holistic approach that aligns the client cognitively; aiming to get the subconscious to agree with your conscious desires.  In order to do this you have to eliminate the dysfunctional beliefs and counter-intentions that are getting in their way. You need to understand what triggers your client’s subconscious emotional FAT SWITCH and how to turn it off – forever.  Unless you remove the discrepancies between the clients conscious and subconscious mind, no matter how hard they try to get rid of those excess pounds or kilos, they will gain them all back – guaranteed.  Once these discrepancies have been arranged, the subconscious will turn off the FAT SWITCH and firmly DIVORCE the FAT for life! This is really exciting because…. once the FAT SWITCH is in the “Off” position, the subconscious has no choice but to bring the body back to its ideal weight where they are naturally healthy, because healthy is a NATURAL state, and the new set-point for that client.

So, when your client asks you how to lose weight; change their terminology and get your client’s to explore the key discrepancies between their subconscious blueprint (of how their body should be) and the conscious commands (of where they want their body to be). Stop loosing weight and start to divorcing the fat.

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