How to become a fit pro in 5 steps

Finding out how to become a fit pro, can feel like a mine-field: so here is our quick 5 step guide of how to become a fit pro and how to be outstanding in the process.

So, you hate the job that you are in and it is time for a change. You have always loved fitness and ever since your friend suggested to become a personal trainer, it is all you think about, but you feel alone and not sure how to make the change. It can feel like a big leap to changing career, but what if it old you it is just 5 small steps away.

Our 5 step guide will walk you through how to become a fit pro;

1. Decide WHAT you want and WHY you want it

Before working out any HOW, you must always look at the WHAT and to become a fit pro - become a personal trainer

Before you commit yourself to becoming a personal trainer you need to be confident that it’s the right career choice for you. Every fit pro I have met has had very different reasons for launching their fitness career, and that is fine, because it is your reasons that really count.

Complete this Quick Task:

Grab a pen and paper and take 10 minutes to think about what you want from a career change. Aim to fill the paper with ideas and emotions that resonate with you. Then circle those that REALLY resonate with you, and spend a further 5 minutes to work out WHY you really want this. The reason why, is your motivating factor – this will see you through uncomfortable moments and become your focus.

There are many lists out there of what a personal trainer should be, and attributes needed to become a good PT. but you don’t want to be a good PT, you want to be outstanding   As long as you have the passion and focus of WHY, you will be an awesome PT and make great shockwaves through the industry. But of course it is not about making the journey on your own … your inner coach can only be released if you have the proper guidance and support throughout your journey.

So, now you know what you want and why you want it …. Let’s work out how to become a fit pro…

2. Find your training course

In order to become a personal trainer- you must first get qualified and certified. Unlike many career changes, you don’t need to worry about very long upskill and re-training periods of time. Although the short period of time is attractive, make sure that you are not settling for a quick fix and remind yourself of the WHY!

I’m not going to lie… there are a lot of training providers out there, and we are just one of those. If you are looking around, there are a few things to consider:

  •  #  Are they REPs endorsed providers with creditable certifications – The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) is a quality monitoring organisation; by choosing an organisation that is REPs endorsed – you can guarantee that it is meeting recognised fitness industry standards. Also make sure it is a QCF qualification (Qualification Credit Framework), as this means all of your qualifications and all of the units are recognised on a huge national database, meaning your skills can always be cross-referenced.  – All Parallel Coaching qualifications are REPs endorsed Active IQ qualifications. Which are on the QCF and internationally recognised – YIPPEEE that was easy!!
  •  #  Ok so price is important, but never sacrifice value. Check that you get a course that offers contac
    t days, lots of learning support, time for your new skills to sink-in and lots of time on course to really absorb the knowledge from your experienced tutor. Extra CPDs and short courses can create a really great value package, make sure these relate to WHAT you imagine yourself doing at the end of the course.
  •  #  Attendance days, on days you can make (maybe weekends only might fit around your current career, so you can study whilst still earning).
  •  #  Choose small group sized classes, so you can learn from your tutor.
  •  #  Look for support, guidance and a team that you can get hold of – you may not have any questions now, but you certainly will. So make sure that you have a contactable and experienced team on the other end of the phone.
  •  #  The final question is really important. Will the course you choose help you take your first steps into your career? At Parallel Coaching each Master Personal trainer Diploma has lifetime access to The Parallel Coaching Academy, so you can be sure that you are starting your fitness business on the right foot.

Choosing the right personal training course can be a daunting task and often quite confusing when you first start to research your options.

So, if you have any questions make sure you contact us for advice

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3. Play Full Out on Course

You can have the best course and tutor team, but you will be the one learning. So, make sure you set yourself up for success with a proactive mind-set – that is ready to continually PLAY FULL OUT. By giving everything to your studies, you will graduate with confidence, clarity and understanding of how to be a personal trainer.

An interactive course will allow you to continually ask questions, and spend extra time with the tutor if you get a bit stuck. Similarly if you are playing full out, and advancing beyond your peers, then your tutor can extend your learning and keep you moving at your pace.

There are bound to be some tough and uncomfortable moments on course or during home-study, because you are learning totally new material – but make sure you are not struggling on your own – play full out and make the most of every second with your experienced tutor team.

4. Receive guidance and Business coaching

personal trainer course milton keynes - graduation day 2 How to become a fit proHave you thought about what will happen when you graduate? Can you just walk into a new job or launch a new self-employed business? Post-graduation, this is the time where you really start to become a personal trainer, and see your dreams take hold. Your Personal trainer course will probably teach you a limited amount on Business and how to get started, so you may need to invest in additional business coaching if you are planning on setting up your own company. Or…

This combination of qualifications, coaching and proven strategies will ensure that you Kick Start your fitness business, in the direction you want and need it to. This is delivered via our online portal. Once you have completed and actioned all modules you will have laid the foundations and truly kick-started your fitness business, designed the products and be getting your first clients through the door. You will also be part of a group of like-minded fitness professionals, who are also kick-starting their fitness business. creating strategic allies and getting support and second opinions.

5. Kick Start your business…and get your first client

If you decide to train with us, then we will be talking to you on the lead up to getting your first client, help you evaluate your session and then build your list of valued clients.

Setting up a business can be daunting, but with the right advice, and someone to bounce ideas off, you will be accelerated into a successful and thriving PT business from the outset. Your coach will guide you through the foundations so you can build more to your business year after year (like a building getter stronger and taller with every year, is always built on strong foundations).

The day you instruct your first PT session, is an emotional day of celebration – it marks the moment you did it! The self-accomplishment of having completed your own journey and career change.
This is a moment to be proud of, and we cannot wait to help you get there. We look forward to training with you and giving you the opportunity to build a career you love.

Download our free 17 point check list for launching your Fitness Career <<< click here

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