How to Beat Exam Day Nerves ...

How To Beat Exam Day Nerves

I sat there trying to keep my eyes on my revision notes, my stomach churning, my legs twitching and so restless, that I find myself walking into the kitchen every 5 minutes to get a drink or food. And to top it off, these anxious and nervous feelings are compounded by my brain telling me that I cant do this… I’m gunna fail… I’m a failure.

If this sounds all too familiar, then this video is for you, to show you How To Beat Exam Day Nerves

Exam day nerves and stress on the lead up to an exam can wind up getting out of control, before you know it your pre-framing how much you are a failure, and telling yourself how you wont pass. What’s worse is that this mental game we are playing, can be fatal for our actual exam results! The more you tell yourself you’ll fail, the more likely you will fail.

This 5 minute video, is all about How To Beat Exam Day Nerves. With two simple actionable steps to break the impending cycle of exam day stress and anxiety.

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Please do comment below, are you stressing unnecessarily, or does it reflect a lack of preparation?



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