How long does it take to revise for your anatomy exam?

How long does it take to revise for your anatomy exam?

Is it 4 weeks, 2 days, 6 months? How long does it take to revise for your anatomy exam so you can pass with confidence?

I’d apologise for what’s about to go down… but the truth is, we’re ain’t sorry

See, it’s often these harsh reality checks that kick our revision butts into DOING something

So here’s a simple revision exercise for you: 

🧮 —> Take the revision sessions you’ve done in the last 8-weeks.

[A revision session only counts if it’s 15/20 mins or more].

that’s 56 days or 8-weeks.

now take your total number of revision sessions and divide it by 8.

That is how many times you revise average per week <—-

What’s even more alarming is the majority reading this probably can not say how many revision sessions they’ve done in the last 8-weeks?

Or when they’ve done them.

Most trainee peeps we speak to often say:

I fit my revision in when I can, or when I feel like it and it depends on how the day is working

What they’re really saying is… they have no clear plan, goal, schedule or strategy to ensure they learn everything in time to pass with TOP MARKS.

Pretty bold statement?

Well… it’s TRUE

Let me ask another question… Do you have a clear revision schedule and weekly planner that set’s up your revision to guarantee a pass?

No matter how much you tell to yourself about all the revision things you’re ‘gonna do different‘ or ‘this week you’ll start and change

So, how long does it take to revise for your anatomy exam?

Here’s the deal:

{- Strap yourself in… this might hurt }

(1) You’re 8-weeks into your revision and you can’t truly say how many sessions you do weekly.

(2) People tend to continue to DO what they are now DOING.

(3) Many people fantasize that what they SAY they are going to do trumps what they are NOW DOING. That rarely happens.

(4) So – the most likely mathematical approximation of your revision is to take the last 8 weeks of your revision

Divide by the total number of revision sessions in that time. 

and if that number isn’t 3+ or more per week.

there’s no wonder why your confidence is low and overwhelm is kicking in.

no wondering why every time you hit the books it feels like starting from scratch again,

That it’s hard to remember all the muscles or the “INS & OUTS” of energy systems.

Put whatever you want on your RE-VISION BOARDS – just make sure you put THIS NUMBER on your REALITY BOARD.

Because – statistically speaking



^^^ INCREDIBLY powerful stuff ^^^

Said it would kinda hurt a little right..?

and we know this to be true by the 7000+ peeps we’ve helped pass… they all have one thing in common [well more than one actully]

How long does it take to revise for your anatomy exam so you can pass with confidence?

BUT the FREQUENCY of revision is the TOP TRUMP here. The second thing in common is being armed with the revision mastery bootcamp.

Thing is… 

you can use this equation in ALL areas…

🏋️‍♀️ your workouts

🍽 your nutrition

💰 your bank account and savings

your total number of [insert whatever]

the amount of focused, ‘no phone’ time, mediation… etc etc

See, sometimes we need to be told things we DON’T want to hear.

IMO that’s what makes an OUTstanding coach…

To create change. 

see most peeps accept AVERAGE for way too long. 

And we continue to do those same old things for way too long.

Sod average. If you want to pass and be confident with your fitness exam knowledge you can’t just do average.

You’re better than that. And you know it.

BUT.. and this is a big but

Something HAS to change IF you WANT to become OUTstanding.

You have to stand out.

Something HAS to change if you want to increase your fitness exam knowledge, 

to TURBOCHARGE your revision efforts, 

To bulletproof your exam day and light up your fitness career.

Cos if it doesn’t…

you can expect more of the same old, same old…

Which is why we have 5 carefully structured revision workout stations in every revision bootcamp.

Revision Station 1️⃣ : Gets you super clear on what you must do in order to pass your specific exam… as each provider can vary a lot.

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Revision Station 3️⃣ : has all your video tutorials and cheat sheets. Join me as I talk and show you EVERYTHING you must know ready for your exam and to confidently train clients.

Revision Station 4️⃣ : EXAM STRATEGY… I’ll teach you our 5 Steps to breaking down any exam question that guarantees you answer it correctly. This alone it’s worth it.

Finally, Revision Station 5️⃣ : Testing… You get hundreds of mock questions, quizzes and cheat sheets to test your knowledge and be sure you are exam day ready.

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