how does anyone survive their fitness revision

How does anyone survive their fitness revision?

How on earth do you survive your fitness revision? In fact, how does anyone ever survive it?

Fitness revision happens when you are a trainee fitness professional, studying for your anatomy and nutrition exams,

It is a tricky time

You’ve had your own body or mind transformation,  which pushed you towards becoming a fitness professional.

Now you’re stuck in your course trying to piece everything together
while being pulled into a hundred different directions all at the same time… with family, work, time and of-course the gym. 

The New Year has started, you return back to your studies trying to make sense of where you left it? … nothing makes sense.⁣

Is this you?  

Watch the video below to find out my biggest tips to help you pass your exams and stop seeing your revision as a chore…

How does anyone survive this fitness revision?⁣ 

A lot of people look at me today and say ‘’I want to understand this A&P malarky. I want to be successful like you, Hayley Bergman – you make it look so easy’’.⁣ 

Today, I get to travel and teach for peeps all over the world and do what I love 

>>> teaching fitness courses, specifically making complex topics like A&P easy. 

but it’s only because of the years of sacrifices and hard work that I’d put in before. ⁣ 

You may want what I have [knowledge] but…⁣ 

…would you do what I had to do?⁣ 

I won’t lie. ⁣ 
It wasn’t easy… 

I spent a good few years working out this fitness game. 

Many of my ideas flunked and one mistake… always leads to more than one consequence.⁣ 

But I put my head down and jumped deep into learning, 
and found my calling in teaching fitness pros how to learn and ACE their course. 

but… what if I hadn’t?⁣ 

Once I found my passion, I started to supercharge forwards. 

All the decisions that I should have been making earlier, I made them in an instant.⁣ 

My NEW knowledge made fitness revision tons easier. 

The time spent studying and understanding your course exam [A&P] have consequences.  

Without a true understanding of your course…  your entire future as a fitness professional is rocky.

The path you take is determined by the decisions you make.⁣ 

Make the right ones now. ⁣ 

If you’re struggling to strike a balance and make sense of your fitness exam,
You might want to consider joining ‘revision mastery‘ 

Once you do? 

I’ll teach you everything you need to now to learn, revise and pass your exam in under 8-hours. 

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Hayley “found my passion” Bergman

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