gp exercise referral course- become a specialist i

GP Exercise Referral Course – become a specialist

GP Exercise Referral Course: become a specialist, not a generalist

As a FitPro do you have enough knowledge? Enough expertise?

You don’t want to be the generalist; with knowledge spread thinly

You don’t want to have a super narrow niche that makes it hard to get clients?

Watch this video to understand why the GP Exercise referral course will give the balance you need as a fit pro:

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You want a balance

gp exercise referral course - you want a balance

Broad enough to understand the wider concepts

Deep enough to stand out as a specialist

You can see on the image above, the T-strategy is great for understanding that you do need a mix of shallow general knowledge and then one r two areas that are deep and specific.

Try this test for yourself…

Draw a horizontal line and add one topic per vertical line…

gp exercise referral course - the t-strategy

Draw the vertical line to represent how much you know about the topic – the longer the line, the deeper knowledge you have in that specific area.

In this example, the person knows a lot about back pain, but not so much about hypertension.

What does yours look like?

gp exercise referral course - what does yours look like

You may have a long horizontal line with several shallow vertical lines = this shows that you are a generalist at the moment

You may have a short horizontal line with a long vertical line = this shows you are an extreme specialist

Or ideally you will have a horizontal line with maybe 5 topics, but the vertical lines vary in length, one or two being much longer than others = this shows you are a well rounded specialist AKA it’s spot on

The GP Exercise Referral Course provides…

A broad knowledge of 14 common clinical conditions

But in enough depth that you could choose to specialise in 1 or 2

Whether you are a Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Studio, Yoga or Pilates Instructor; you can broaden your understanding and deepen your knowledge as an Exercise Referral Specialist.

Who would you work with? 

What conditions would you specialise in? leave a comment below and let us know

Our GP Exercise Referral Course is online blended learning, 

This means you can be qualified and ready to train clients in 8-12 weeks whilst learning from home, with support.

Broaden your understanding and deepen your specialist knowledge…

Become a specialist

Click the link to learn more and take your first step in becoming a specialist.

Step up as a specialist now and join us on our GP Exercise Referral Course

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