gp exercise referral course- become a specialist i

GP Exercise Referral Course – become a specialist

GP Exercise Referral Course: become a specialist, not a generalist

As a FitPro do you have enough knowledge? Enough expertise?

You don’t want to be the generalist; with knowledge spread thinly

You don’t want to have a super narrow niche that makes it hard to get clients?

Watch this video to understand why the GP Exercise referral course will give the balance you need as a fit pro:

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You want a balance

gp exercise referral course - you want a balance

Broad enough to understand the wider concepts

Deep enough to stand out as a specialist

You can see on the image above, the T-strategy is great for understanding that you do need a mix of shallow general knowledge and then one r two areas that are deep and specific.

Try this test for yourself…

Draw a horizontal line and add one topic per vertical line…

gp exercise referral course - the t-strategy

Draw the vertical line to represent how much you know about the topic – the longer the line, the deeper knowledge you have in that specific area.

In this example, the person knows a lot about back pain, but not so much about hypertension.

What does yours look like?

gp exercise referral course - what does yours look like

You may have a long horizontal line with several shallow vertical lines = this shows that you are a generalist at the moment

You may have a short horizontal line with a long vertical line = this shows you are an extreme specialist

Or ideally you will have a horizontal line with maybe 5 topics, but the vertical lines vary in length, one or two being much longer than others = this shows you are a well rounded specialist AKA it’s spot on

The GP Exercise Referral Course provides…

Broad knowledge of 14 common clinical conditions

But in enough depth that you could choose to specialise in 1 or 2

Whether you are a Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Studio, Yoga or Pilates Instructor; you can broaden your understanding and deepen your knowledge as an Exercise Referral Specialist.

Who would you work with? 

What conditions would you specialize in?

The 14 common clinical conditions covered within the Exercise Referral qualification include:

Cardiovascular Conditions: Hypertension and Hypercholesterolemia 
Musculoskeletal Conditions: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Joint Replacement, Osteoporosis
Respiratory: COPD and Asthma
Mental Health Conditions: Depression, Stress and Anxiety 
Low Back Pain 

Leave a comment below and let us know which you would like to specialize in..

Our GP Exercise Referral Course is online-blended learning, 

This means you can be qualified and ready to train clients in 8-12 weeks whilst learning from home, with support.

Broaden your understanding and deepen your specialist knowledge…

Become a specialist

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Step up as a specialist now and join us on our GP Exercise Referral Course

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