GP Exercise Referral Course - What Does It Allow You To Do

GP Exercise Referral Course – What Does It Allow You To Do?

The GP Exercise Referral Course is like no other Fitness Course, and it allows you to do something really special…

This is something you need to know if you are a qualified fitness instructor, Personal Trainer, Pilates or Yoga instructor looking to take your fitness business to the next level.

I’m going to explain exactly what the GP Exercise Referral Course will allow you to do, that no other fitness qualification can do…

but before I tell you this,

Let me tell you a quick story:

I sat in there and saw it with my own eyes.

Legs kicked
Hands wretched open
Arms flung out

I couldn’t hear any “⚡️Zaps or Kapows 


” – lol
But I could see and hear the neural feedback on the consultant’s laptop.

I’m talking about Neale – (my husband and the other half of Parallel Coaching)

he’s been having some pretty serious problems with his muscles in his legs and fatigue since his last 2 Ultra runs.

He was “electrocuted” – yep seriously
Well over 100 times the other day at his last Dr. appointment.  

Electrodes and needles were attached and poked in various muscles – It didn’t look all the pleasant to be honest. 

Glad it was Neale lying there and not me Anyhoo…

There was a massive difference between legs and then legs VS arms in the neural feedback.

Mega interesting stuff as the consultant explained what was going on… 
based on fatigue and exposure to prolonged endurance events.

See I proper geek out over this… especially as

I used to work very closely with stroke patients in a GP exercise referral course scheme.

It’s not that Neale or anyone for that matter with clinical conditions can’t train.

Quite the contrary – exercise and nutrition is even more key you could argue?

It’s just these peeps FAIL a PAR-Q and making sure it’s safe and effective to train is a MUST.

Someone who FAILS a PAR-Q needs the sign off from their GP or consultant to work with you.

It’s not as simple as… crack on a train.

level 3 GP Exercise Referral Course

This is EXACTLY what the Level 3 GP Exercise Referral Course allows you to do – train peeps who FAIL a PAR-Q.

You’ll deep dive into 14 common clinical conditions ranging from:

> Obesity
> Low back pain
> T1 & T2 Diabetes
> Arthritis 
plus 9 more…

1️⃣ You’ll learn how to liaise with Medical Professionals to build your network of possible clients and help those recommended from their GP.
2️⃣ You’ll understand the signs, symptoms and basic pathology of 14 common clinical conditions.
3️⃣ You’ll become familiar with the implications and effects of specific medications relating to those conditions.
4️⃣ You’ll confidently plan a progressive adapted physical activity and nutrition program, personalized to client’s needs and lifestyle.
5️⃣ You’ll competently deliver, manage and evaluate a safe and effective exercise referral session.

Completing the GP Exercise Referral course qualification will not only allow you to train ANY CLIENT,

it will also give you the confidence to train effectively with clients that have controlled conditions.

Therefore, positioning you as an Exercise Referral specialist, 
and allow you to access the highly sought after Level 4 specialist qualifications.

If you’re ready?

I’m looking for 3 peeps to join me on the latest Level 3 GP Exercise Referral course, If you are ready you can join me by clicking the link below:

level 3 GP Exercise Referral Course

Before I go – quick update on Neale

still waiting for the results of his latest electrocutions… until then, he’s reduced his training volume and intensity.

It’s crazy what fatigue and exposure to 2x ultra runs in 2 weeks can do to the human body.

Dedicated to more

Hayley ‘loving learning’ Bergman

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