Frontal Plane Movements - 3 Key Points To Remember For Your Anatomy Exam

Frontal Plane Movements – 3 Key Points To Remember For Your Anatomy Exam

In this video I’m going to teach you 3 key points about Frontal Plane movements, and how you can remember them for your Anatomy Exam.

1. What are Frontal Plane Movements

You need to know that the frontal plane, is just one of the three planes of movement in which we move. The other two are sagittal and transverse.
The Frontal plane is as if you are sandwiched between two panes of glass, one in front and one behind.
If you try to move within these panes of glass, you’’ notice your movement is restricted.

TASK: Do this now! Stand tall, imagine you are squeezed between the two panes of glass and then try to move – what movements can you do?

2. Joint Actions:

You also need to know what joint actions occur in the frontal plane. These are Adduction, Abduction, Lateral Flexion and Lateral Extension.

3. Memory Hack

To remember the frontal plane movements for your anatomy and physiology exam, here is a quick memory hack revision tip.
You see most movement if you look from the front. Think FRONT = FRONTAL

So, now you know 3 key points about Frontal Plane movement and how to remember them ready for your anatomy exam. However, can you remember them? The best way to prepare for your anatomy and physiology exam is to test yourself using plenty of Mock Questions

You can download 101 mock questions to help you prepare for your Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology exam, all you need to do is click this link:

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