For Every Action There Is An Equal and Opposite Reaction

For Every Action There Is An Equal and Opposite Reaction

Today’s Vitamin PC explores a Quote we use a lot in the Parallel Coaching Classroom :

“For Every Action There Is An Equal and Opposite Reaction”.

Join us as we extract the lesson and relate it to you as a FitPro and your fitness revision

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • That learning is like a spring, the more you put in the more you get out.
  • That if you want a bigger outcome, you need a more direct effort
  • The importance of being clear on what you want

Watch S3: E10 of our FitPro Sessions Podcast:


0:30 Welcome to today’s Vitamin PC Podcast Episode: “For Every Action There Is An Equal and Opposite Reaction”
1:00 The final Vitamin PC episode in season 3
2:00 It is kinda like a spring, the more you push down, the more it springs back up
4:30 Applying to your fitness revision
8:40 If you want a bigger result, you have to push down harder and over a longer period of time
10:30 Don’t be surprised that it takes time
12:00 Putting energy into the most powerful part of the spring
16:00 Who do you need to become, what do you need to do… in order to make the right action in the right place. Message us … Or Comment Below

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