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Fitness Courses

Fitness Courses:

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Level 3 Exercise Referral Qualification Online Yes
Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Yes
Level 4 Low Back Pain Yes
 level 2 anatomy and physiology revision mastery series
 level 3 anatomy and physiology revision mastery series
  Muscle Memory Sprint
  Level 2 principles of exercise fitness and health revision mastery series
 level 3 nutrition revision mastery series
Fitness Business Kick Starter Yes

Fitness Courses

From Anatomy and Physiology Revision, to Level 4 Specialist Qualifications with a wide variety of fitness courses in-between, we specialize in making learning simple and stress free. Whether you’re looking to pass your exams or up-skill to an accredited Level 4 specialist, we’ve got the right training solution for you.

I need help to pass my exams:

If you are currently training to become a fitness professional, then undoubtedly you have exams to study for. Maybe you are studying with another training provider and feel a little lost with your studies, trying desperately to learn from a single course manual. Maybe you feel frustrated and overwhelmed, staring at your course manual for hours on end, whilst nothing seems to go in!

You are not alone…

Most people find it frustrating to learn from a book or manual. Imagine being able to watch and listen the “Ins & Outs” off your course manual, being able to pause, stop, fast forward and rewind your tutorials whenever and where ever you like.

Sound cool ay?

That’s exactly what the Revision Mastery Series allows you to do. We use analogies and metaphors to explain complex concepts. This way you learn quicker, and become 100% confident… making your exam a breeze. Each of the revision mastery series also includes cheat sheets, mock questions and the ability to download your videos onto your mobile or laptop, meaning you can learn even without WiFi. We’ve made learning as stress free as possible, and that’s why we get a 98.8% pass rate.

What topic do you need extra help with? Select the relevant revision mastery series above to find out more and get started.

I’ve got the learning bug, and want to expand my qualifications:

Learning can be addictive!

Maybe you already surpassed your own expectations by passing your fitness courses,  and are loving being in the fitness industry. Now its time for another challenge. A challenge that will allow you to help more people, work with more clients and learn a shed load of useful info along the way.

The next logical progression from the foundation fitness qualifications (level 2 gym and level 3 personal trainer) is to progress to the level 3 exercise referral and then onto the level 4 specialist qualifications. These qualifications allow you to set yourself apart from other fitness professionals and work with higher risk clients, even if they refer a PARQ.

However if you’re busy balancing your new career as a fitpro, with family life, and potentially another job as well, its hard to see where you would fit in studying. Imagine having video based tutorials that you can listen to on the go, and replay as many times as you need. Imagine being able to study for a few hours every week at home, but also get the support and accountability from your personal tutor on a one-to-one basis. That is exactly what our Specialist fitness courses offer, select the relevant fitness courses above to find out more and speak to a tutor.

I just don’t know how to get clients:

It can be quite a shift to go from being employed and getting a regular pay cheque, to being self employed and entirely responsible for your work load.

It feels fantastic training clients, but how do you get them in the first place?

you are now the CEO of your fitness business, with a list of questions ranging from what to name your business and what to sell your clients, through to how do you get clients and what is my business plan? maybe you are frustrated at conflicting information and annoyed at not knowing. That’s why we created the fitness business kickstarter. It is over 60 hours of fitness business gold, perfect for the newly qualified personal trainer, ready to commit and kick start their new career, but in a method and time frame that suits them… and that wont break the bank.

Discover exactly how to start a fitness business, work smarter, be your own boss, and earn more money. If you have always wanted to know how to start a fitness business and really want a blue-print to follow;  then this is for you. Check out the Fitness Business Kickstarter and get started. 



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