Fitness Business Kickstarter 28 day challenge

Fitness Business Kick-Starter

It’s Time To Kick-Start with our Fitness Business Kick-Starter 28 Challenge

Set up ▪️ Show Up ▪️ Build Your Tribe

❓ Where do I start
❓ I don’t know what to offer
❓ How do I package it all up
❓ How much do I charge
❓ I’ve never done sales before – what do I say

Just a few questions we hear almost daily from peeps as they take the leap from getting qualified to ACTUALLY do the job! – Working with clients
❓ How the hell do I get clients, get found, and get peeps engaging with me!
Maybe you’re almost qualified, just qualified or been banging your head against the wall for months trying to get clients.

Perhaps you’re a PT, Yoga, Pilates, sport-specific X, Y, and Z… it really doesn’t matter as the kick-starter is about teaching you long-standing principles, not the airy-fairy tactics that often get lost as soon as FB updates again.

Check out the details below and how powerful these 28-days are:

🔛 Starting Monday 5th August we hit the Fitness Business Kick-starter for the last time this year.
✔️ No Guessing – learn the exact steps to kick-start.
We’ll show you how to set up, show up, and get found!

✔️ Take ACTION daily & be held accountable.
Most peeps fall on the first hurdle when setting up as they don’t know what to do or have someone holding their hand.

✔️ Get a “rinse and repeat” model to pick up clients
We’ve used and seen previous kick-starters use this 28-days over and over and over [did I say over] again!

Here’s a little about me!

Over the past 4 years, I [Neale] built a thriving fitness business down in Plymouth – focusing on guys 30-55 years! who wanted to lose weight – or so I thought!
Many fitness peers said it couldn’t be done, that it was too niche and being in the South West – peeps were too laid back!
I gave myself 28 days to launch and kick-start – documenting the entire process… to which you’ll get almost 65 hours of video tutorials & Cheatsheet… with lifetime access in our Parallel Academy!
I won’t go into massive detail here of what I did in the 28-days, that’s for the kick starter in August – however, this is what came of it!
✔️ A solid social media presence and strategy,
✔️ A clear funnel to usher prospective clients towards a sale,
✔️ A sales script that closed 8 out of 10 peeps on the phone,
✔️ A fool-proof client on-boarding system,
✔️ 68 applications to join me,
✔️ I took 16 NEW clients on into a group setting,
with a waiting list for month 2! <<<
Month 2 I took on another 12 clients, from the waiting list and repeating the same 28-day process.


Fast forward 4 months – I had 4 groups
80 guys all between 30 and 50 years old… paying between £49 and £149 per month
YOU DO the maths

[NOTE: it wasn’t all about the £££ – I was helping so many more peeps than I ever thought!]
I then cherry-picked 121 clients out the group
Held further small group sessions,
Semi-private group training
… all the time working with the peeps I wanted to.

And the best part – this was all within a max of 15 hours per week!

I’ll tell you more about my journey inside the fitness business kick-starter

I wanted to share all that so you know this isn’t some made-up hill-billy approach! and this isn’t our first kick-starter either!

dozens of previous peeps have had crazy success inside the 28-days and gone onto build a thriving fitness business.

Maybe for you that’s just filling your local church hall for a group class or perhaps you’re wanting to be the next James Smith and take over the online training space,

Either way – you have to kick start somewhere and get your foot up!

So the nuts and bolts…

Week 1 – 1️⃣

What do you want, Who do you want to work with and getting laser light focused on your ideal client?

Week 2 – 2️⃣

Building a 5* shinny offer, setting up your social media, and other platforms to you ensure you have a solid system to get new clients and take them on-board with you.

Week 3 – 3️⃣

How to reach your ideal client, how to market and when to advertise! Making sure it reach your ideal client!
PLUS final set up of the systems needed to take new clients on-board.

Week 4 – 4️⃣

Converting prospective leads to clients… how to conduct a simple sales call or meeting without feeling awkward or sleazy!

✔️ Every day you’ll get a task to complete – you can either do the short or long version depending on how much time you have!
✔️ LIVE training and Q&A sessions.
✔️ Unlimited ACCESS to our online academy – 65 hours of step-by-step action plans.
✔️ Then a further 28-days – throughout September to rinse and repeat PLUS ask questions.
✔️ EVERY bit of content inside the 28-days you keep forever!

Pretty cool ah?

So the next step 👣

There are 24 peeps already signed up and enrolled,

Leaving 6 spaces left…

We START as in kick-start Monday 5th August!
Please drop Hayley or I a quick message or jump on a phone call asap to ask your questions and find out more!

Everything above is £139 [one-time fee]

You can pay a deposit to secure your place for £50 and pay the remaining £89 by the end of August!

Jump on a quick 10-min call asap as I know these final 6 spaces will go pretty damn quick!

OR, if you know this is right up your street head here:
you can make a deposit or full payment and 100% secure your place!

👉 Student Support No: 07513 735 700

If you have any questions – reach out

We’re mega excited about this… seeing you all work hard, pass your exams and get qualified,

and then go on to SET UP, SHOW UP & BUILD YOUR TRIBE!

It’s Time To Kick-Start

KICK START NOW << click here
I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Have a great day.


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Hayley and Neale

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