Feeling Unprepared Doesnt Mean You Will Fail Your Fitness Exam

Feeling unprepared doesn’t mean you will fail your fitness exam

Feeling unprepared doesn’t mean you will fail your fitness exam

We hear time and time again that learners are putting off and rescheduling their fitness exam because they don’t feel prepared.

So they delay the inevitable of actually becoming qualified and actually getting the qualification they set out to achieve just because of an emotion.

Feeling unprepared doesn’t mean you will fail your fitness exam

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Feeling unprepared for your fitness exam is kind of like being booked into a half marathon running race, whereby it’s all booked in advance.

Maybe you’ve done lots and lots of training, maybe you’ve done hardly any but regardless you have this feeling that you’re just not prepared, and it brings up all these negative thoughts, negative emotions and beliefs whereby you genuinely start believing that you’re not going to be able to achieve it, to complete it, or to actually get the time that you wanted to, in a way that you wanted…

and actually, as a result, you end up fearing the end outcome of that race and class it is a failure before it’s even started! 🤷‍♂️

If you’re feeling unprepared for your fitness exam and worried that you may fail then make sure you are measuring against something that is representative of the exam you’re going to take, rather than just basing it on your negative emotions that you might be feeling.

Test your exam readiness to see if you will fail your fitness exam

👉🏻The best way to do this is to download mock exams that are mapped to the exam that you’re going to be sitting and this means you can go through and answer them in test-like conditions and then use that to gauge whether you are read.

👉🏻If you get 70% or above then go and take your exam because you’re more than likely going to pass, even if you feel like you’re unprepared.

👉🏻Click this link, so you can download more questions and have access to them instantly.


To help test your exam readiness, make sure you download the mock questions relevant to your exam:

If your mock questions show that you really are not ready, then it may be that you are not learning the information in a way that suits your learning style.

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