Exam Tips: How to be prepared

Exam Tips: How to be prepared

Exam Tips: How to be preparedSo, its time to start  the revision for your Exam, and you need some Exam Tips to help you get started. Revision shouldn’t have to be difficult or a mission.

This guide will show you how to structure your revision and keep your cool on the day….so you can pass first time!

Firstly, A massive #High5 for taking the initiative to look for Exam Tips

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#1:   Find out about the exam content

Know your enemy – find out as much as you can about the exam.

It can feel like a mine-field of information, so use this guide to check you understand all areas that you will be tested on in your exam. Traditionally, there are 4-6 questions per section, so make sure your studies and revision are consistent.

#2:  Schedule time

Schedule time to go over each section, this could be on your own or with a friend – use this time wisely. Try scheduling just 45 mins for each period of time, with a 10 minute break- before changing topic. This keeps you focused and the break allows your brain to escape for a moment . in the break, get up move around, run up-and-down the stairs, get the heart racing a little- you will feel much more focused when you return to studying.

#3 Check past exam papers

When you think you have finished revising and covered most topics, check out mock papers and test questions, so you can become familiar with the question wording and also with the content. Areas that you are less confident in, are undoubtedly the areas that will be best to focus the rest of your revision time towards.  If you find it hard to answer these questions or to understand what it is asking then you may need a reader or some special adjustments on Exam day, so please speak to the Parallel Coaching Team if you have any worries.

These Exam papers are fantastic for checking out strengths and weaknesses, the questions will not be the same as on the real test -so don’t attempt to memorise these answers. if you are weak in the area- read around it and truly understand the subject.

When doing these practice tests – try REBUGG (tip #5), get used to having a method for reading and answering questions.

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 #4:  Chose the Easy Questions First

Have a look through the questions, pick out the ones that you think are easiexam rough paperer and answer these first, then come back to the harder ones. In every exam you will have some that sit below the standardised level of the paper and some that sit just above. Therefore in your Level 3 paper –there will be some questions that are level 2, some that are level 4 but the majority will be Level 3. Answer the easy ones first – which will boost your confidence, before tackling the slightly tougher ones.

You are allowed scrap paper, so jot down the numbers that you wish to come back to. Next to the number – try writing A, B, C and D – and then crossing off the ones you know that it is not as this will give clarity when you return to the question.

How to pass first time

#5: On the day = Break the questions down

We have shared this with you on previous blogs, but it is so great; here it is again:

A great tip for any exam is to break the questions down to make sure you really understand what you’re being asked. Try to use this anagram to help you: REBUGG

R Read the Question thoroughly and cover up the possible answers

E Extract the key words

B Imagine that the key subject words are in BOLD

U Now Underline the action words – do they want the answer that  IS or  IS NOT?

G Guess what the options may be without looking at the answers. Then uncover the answers if yours is there – it’s a good place to start.

G Go over the question and estimated answer together once more.

Record your answer on the answer paper – Always double check that you have marked the correct number on the answer paper

We really hope that this helps you get your revision on track and focus you towards achieving the pass first time.

These 5 Exam Tips are designed to help you pass first time; so, buckle down and start to apply these strategies, to prepare yourself ready for the exam.

Until next time,

Neale “Being Prepared” Bergman

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