Exam Day How To Banish Nerves and Feel Confident

Exam Day: How To Banish Nerves and Feel Confident

It’s Exam Day! The chances are, you are feeling nervous! And that is a perfectly normal emotion to have before an exam! Here’s How To Banish Nerves and Feel Confident on Exam Day

Alongside feeling nervous you are worried about what questions will be asked, feeling under pressure to pass, inundated with good luck messages and faced with every other learner talking about the exam you are about to sit.

Here are 3 tips to help banish nerves and feel confident on exam day!

First Up, PRESS PLAY, and take notes as you go through today’s quick video. Then scroll down and read more about these three revision tips to Banish Nerves and Feel Confident on Exam Day

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1️⃣ Complete your normal morning routine!

Having taught thousands of learners and invigilated hundreds of assessment days I hear all too often how learners change their day around in the hope to feel great and healthier.

Such as having a different breakfast, an extra workout, some sneaky last minute revision and even taking time off work to relax. Now whilst this seems like a good option to help feel relaxed, it does the complete opposite for most learners.

Try to keep your morning and day COMPLETELY the same as any other day! If your fitness exam is on Saturday morning, do the exact same ‘things’ you would do on any other Saturday. Have the same breakfast, same routine, same EVERYTHING! Here’s why routine is so important to you passing your exam:

1. Makes Us More Efficient
When we have a routine that we follow daily, it reduces the need to make decisions each day. It enables us to know exactly what tasks we need to do each day without having to contemplate, decide or think too much. When we are finished with one task, we know what comes next without much thought. Activities become standardized and we become more efficient as a result. Therefore, your brain can relax and be laser light focused when the invigilator say’s ” you can now start your exam”

2. Reduces Procrastination
When a set of tasks and activities become routine, it reduces the chance that we will procrastinate doing them. It becomes ingrained into our system and we almost do it subconsciously. For example, I do 30-minutes of learning every morning when I wake up. I do not have to think about it. I simply do it because it has become a habit. We all know that procrastination is a waste of time and having a routine is one way to combat it.

Keeping your normal routine STOPS you from procrastinating – therefore when you’re faced with 40 exam questions you are not procrastinating over possible answers. You can focus your attention towards the right answer and be confident you hold the knowledge!

3. Helps Reduce Stress and Facilitate Relaxation
There will always be things in our lives that are beyond our control, and we need to accept that. However, there is so much that we can control, especially if we follow a routine. When we design and stick to a routine, it eliminates a lot of stress because we do not have to think and worry about what needs to get done. The act of ‘doing’ gives us a sense of control and helps us relax instead of fretting about the tasks at hand.

2️⃣ Don’t talk about the exam, what might come up, what you have or haven’t done!!!

The moment you start talking about the exam to family, friends and WORST of all your classmates, you start to feel overwhelmed and pick out all the areas you could have worked harder on! You also invite others, especially your classmates into a conversation that sounds something like,

I really couldn’t understand energy systems and I only started revising 2 weeks ago

This type of conversation sets your brain off on a wild goose chase to find everything you know about energy systems and whether you’ve done enough revision. This is the last thing you want your brain to focus on and any efforts of keeping your normal routine to banish these nerves are now wasted!

3️⃣ Believe you can and you will!

One of the most important things you need to be successful is to believe in your ability, believe in yourself. It’s easier said than done, I know. The thing you have to remember though is that confidence is one of the most decisive factors that separates those who succeed from those who don’t. Even if you are highly talented, a lack of belief in yourself and your abilities will make it much more difficult for you to succeed.

Yes, it is your thinking that really helps or hurts you. Imagine having a difficult task or problem to solve, how much easier do you think it is when you are positive and think that you can do it, (whatever it may be)? And how difficult do you think it will be if you lack confidence?

To help test your knowledge for your exam day, make sure you download the mock questions relevant to your exam below:

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