Escaping Job-Hate Fatigue to become a Personal Trainer

Escaping Job-Hate Fatigue to Become a Personal Trainer

Escaping Job-Hate Fatigue to become a Personal Trainer

Johnny’s miserable. He’s been battling long days, 70 hours weeks, tons of traveling (and suffering from major job-hate fatigue). But what do you do when you can’t get out until you’ve learned how to do something else, and you can’t stand another day where you are?


What’s your current job?

I’m currently in construction and the building trade.  I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember.

How do you feel about your work?

In a nut shell…I hate my job!

I complete long days and a 70 hour weeks are not unusual.  I can be away from home for days at a time which leaves me feeling miserable: I’m often bored, or I’ll be frustrated and angry because I’ve had to speak to someone rude, or I’ve had to sit for hours in a meeting listening to people who love the sound of their own voices.

I coasted along quite happily at first because I enjoyed what I did, but over the years the job has changed and so have I.  When I started, working away was a jolly but now it’s more of a burden.  The hardest thing is keeping the consistency in my training and nutrition as living on the road with colleagues who are not like-minded is tough.

There are possible a few opportunities for promotion where I work, however, I realise this won’t make a difference to other people.  Having been through my own fitness journey, loosing weight and mastering my back pain has left me super inspired to help other 30 + men achieve similar results, and I knew I wanted to Become a Personal Trainer.

What did you do to get out?

It took a little while to fully decide and commit that fitness would be my new career choice.

Once I decided to Become a Personal Trainer I searched for fitness courses online and stumbled across Parallel Coaching.  There are quite a few training providers and courses to choose from, but what appealed most for Parallel Coaching was how flexible they were.  The attendance was on weekends and home study was chunked down so it never felt overwhelming. Ultimately this meant I could train in something new without it really affecting my current job.  Plus it meant no one really had to know at first as the course didn’t clash with my work.

I enrolled on the master personal trainer course, which meant I had everything I needed to stand out once qualified.

What’s the biggest obstacle in your way?

There are a couple of obstacles as I approached learning something new and pushing my career path.

To start, learning was a little alien for me.  I hadn’t been in the classroom for some time and was very nervous leading into day one of the course.  You can read all about my first day here << click to read Johnny’s blog

My second biggest obstacle was once I was qualified was making the BIG leap into fitness and stepping 100% out of the building trade.  I was going from a full income to the unknown and this was a pretty scary leap to take.  I tried to talk myself in and out of it many times,  but I knew I could make it work.

“When’s the right time, that would be Now!”

What really helped was the support from Parallel Coaching and the guys on my course.  We all kept in touch throughout but having the support of like-minded people who are also going through the same obstacles really helps.

What are you doing now?

I have recently resigned from my job and have taken a position in a local gym as a freelance personal trainer.

I have my business planned out and set up, I know who I want to work with and am already taking a few 1-2-1 clients and small group classes.

I’m still a little shit scared but I’m LOVING it!

Who knows what the future holds! But I have learnt so much about ‘me’ in the past few months of training I now believe I can do anything I want when I put my mind to it!

You can follow Johnny’s progress on his FB page: R.E.D Personal and Physical Training and here’s the link to Johnny’s blog site again: READ NOW

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