Episode 40 How To Kickstart in Fitness and become a confident coach

Episode 40: How To Kickstart in Fitness and Become a Confident Coach With Jamie Warr

In today’s podcast we interview Jamie Warr, about how to become a confident coach and how he kickstarted in fitness.

As head coach at Unit 22, in Northampton, he talks about his last 8 years in the fitness industry, starting in professional Rugby, and how he progressed as a coach and built the confidence to be able to offer clients results.

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0:30 Introduction to Episode 040 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast
1:00 Swear word warning, welcome to Jamie Warr
1:30 Who is Jamie Warr from Unit 22 Northampton?
2:15 Progressing form Professional Rugby to Personal Trainer
5:20 Reoccuring Knee Injury and longterm rehabilitation
8:50 Massage and training for Corporate Wellbeing
11:00 How much of your client advice is guided by Anatomy
12:30 Avoiding pain and injury with clients
13:50 What was it like when you started in fitness
15:30 “If you are unsure of anything your client is going to pick up on it”
16:00 Combining research into a session that is right for the client
18:50 When was your penny drop moment in the fitness industry
19:00 Working at Matt Roberts studio, London
20:40 “There’s more to training than looking good… or hitting the wall”
24:00 Being invested in your client’s journey
26:00 What are you doing as Head Coach at Unit 22 in Northampton
29:45 CrossFit planning and programming
33:20 What is the best thing that you do now as a Head Coach?
34:50 How do you go about planning sessions for clients?
38:20 How do you incorporate Mindset in your coaching?
42:00 Adding something to nutrition, rather than removing something
45:00 Progression in small amounts is key
47:00 “The needs of an individual differ by degree, not by type”
50:00 What is the most common reason new FitPros don’t last 18 months?
56:00 Having your back against the wall when you start in fitness
59:16 “I love what I’m doing now”
1:01:20 Make your mess your message
1:03:30 Gemma – What’s the biggest challenge you’ve come across working in fitness?
1:05:00 What 3 tips and advice would you give to become an OUTstanding coach?
1:07:50 Learning and understanding training variables that progress client workouts are not easy

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