Episode 038 Three Principles for being the captain of your studies

Episode 038: Three Principles for being the captain of your studies

Revision may leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost, but you can regain control as the Captain of your studies with these three principles.

Every ship needs a Captain,

If you don’t take control of your ship then the rough seas will take control of your ship for you

…and the same applies for your revision

In today’s podcast, Neale and I provide 3 clear principles that will give you a clear study destination, help you navigate the rough seas of revision, and gain back control of your exam ship.

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0:30 Introduction to Episode 038 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast
1:30 Being the Captain of your studies
2:40 Don’t fast-forward through your study preparation to the content
6:00 You must have the context first
6:45 What is the destination of your studies
12:30 Taking a moment before you start a task
14:50 Principle 1: Who Has Control?
19:00 Principle 2: Take a moment to Plan, Do, Review
21:00 Principle 3: Overcoming the Rough Seas of your studies
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25:20 You are the Captain of your studies
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Three Principles for being the captain of your studies

Here’s a rundown of the Three Principles that we spoke about in the podcast…

1. Who Has Control?

A person that has an Internal Locus of Control, has a mindset that sees themselves as responsible for the outcome. They would typically believe that things are within their control and that they design their own fate.

Whereas an External Locus of Control is the opposite mindset where they blame someone or something else for the outcome. They believe that things happen to them.

To be the Captain of your studies, you need to adopt an Internal Locus of Control where you see that you can take control of all areas of your study, regardless of what others have/haven’t done.

2. Take a Moment to Plan, Do, Review

Before you dive straight into your studies and straight to the content, take a moment to PLAN what you need to do, how long it might take.

There are three areas to plan before you do:

  • The full revision time up-to-exam day
  • Plan the content of each week
  • Each revision session before you start

You can plan the week and study sessions, by using a weekly revision planner (you can grab a free template using the link below)

3. Overcoming the Rough Seas of your studies

Revision is not designed to be plain sailing, you are learning a new skill, and it is going to be challenging.

Much like going on a journey in your ship, you have a clear destination and there will be rough seas, and pirates, along the way

… which makes it enjoyable and challenging

It tests your skills and abilities

The most important thing is that you appreciate it can be tough and you use your skills and resources to overcome the rough seas and get to your final destination

In this case, that final destination is you passing your exam 🙂

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