Episode 032: Coronavirus, how to make the most of uncertain times

The coronavirus has turned the fitness industry upside down at a massive scale, here’s how to make the most of uncertain times as a Fit Pro.

In today’s podcast, Neale and I talk about the problems and possibilities that come from the coronavirus epidemic and how this is appropriate to you as a FitPro.

This was filmed on 18th March, and the coronavirus is a fluid situation, so rules will have changed throughout

We hosted this podcast as a Live training session inside our closed Inner Circle Facebook group, where we went on to answer questions. If you want to see the full version of the podcast, with questions and answers, join us here:


Grab the FitPro Sessions Podcast show notes:


0:30 Introduction to Episode 032 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast
2:00 How will the Coronavirus affect you as a FitPro and PT
5:00 The importance of staying active for physical and mental
7:00 The pandemic of anxiety
10:30 What you set up now in the hardest of times will help long term
13:30 Are you prepared and do you know the facts?
16:00 The opportunity is only there if you CHANGE it
18:00 Create and innovate
22:00 The three possibilities for fitness during the Coronavirus
28:00 Starting a digital product in fitness
35:00 The dartboard showing the problem that you solve
37:00 S = Social Currency
39:46 T = Trust and Triggers
42:00 E = Emotion
43:00 P = Public Brand and Values
44:40 P = Practical Value
46:40 S = Stories
50:00 Building a campaign
56:00 Action point 1: React vs respond
59:00 Action point 2: See the NEW opportunity
1:00:00 Action point 3: What would Neale do now as a FitPro
1:07:00 Reach out to us and join us in our Inner circle Facebook Group for the further Q&A following this video training

Principles to make the most of the coronavirus uncertain times:

1.Make sure you solve a problem with your new product offering

2.Follow the online STEPPS formula

  • S = Social Currency
  • T = Trust and Triggers
  • E = Emotion
  • P = Public Brand and Values
  • P = Practical Value
  • S = Stories

3. Reverse engineer a campaign

Action steps to make the most of uncertain times:

  1. Respond rather than React
  2. See the NEW opportunities
  3. Take massive action

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