Episode 027 Learning To Read Postural Clues

In this episode, we are talking all things posture, and how learning to read postural clues will help solve the problem

As a FitPro do you observe your client’s posture and technique?

If you do, do you know what you are looking for?

After this episode, you will be able to set a clear strategy to observe and analyze your client’s posture, gathering the clues and adding purpose to your planning. 🙂

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1:00 Introduction to Episode 027 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast
1:30 Why understanding posture and observation of your client will transform your practice as a FitPro
2:20 The client may have back pain, but the root cause may not be in the back
3:00 What would you do if a plant was dying?
4:20 Observing your client is like a murder mystery novel
5:45 It takes time to gather the clues
7:00 Observe with the intention of looking for clues
9:20 What are you LOOKING for when you observe your client?
10:50 The human X-Ray machine – using A Coaches Eye app
12:30 Analysing the clues to get a solution to the problem
14:00 Planning is no longer guesswork
15:20 The squat analysis is the gold standard
16:00 Access our full squat analysis protocol and formula, as part of our FitPro Start-Up Kit
17:30 You are a walking human Xray Machine, always gathering clues
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Learning To Read Postural Clues

Observing Client posture is kinda like finding a room full of clues in a murder mystery novel.

Every postural compensation
joint out of alignment
tight muscle
weak muscle
past injury
point of pain
weight shift

These are all clues to help you SEE 👀 what the REAL problem or cause could be.

It is easy to think that if your client has low back pain, then the problem must be in the back.

Or if they have knee pain, the injury is in the knee

BUT that might not be the case

Observation of your client will give you clues. these clues build up to give you a picture of the cause of the pain or problem that your client is experiencing.

The crux to postural clues is to use the Squat Analysis

The squat analysis protocol shows you how to observe your client from all angles, and WHAT to look for… just like a human x-ray machine

You can use the grid to “tick” each postural compensation you can see whilst your client is doing an overhead squat

Then using this data you can use the formula to understand exactly which muscles are tight and weak in the body.

This gives structure and purpose to your planning, meaning that planning a client session is no-longer left to guesswork.

You can now access our Squat Analysis Protocol and Analysis as one of 34 documents that can be downloaded directly from our FitPro Start Up Kit.

All The Documents & Forms You Need To  Set Up & Start Training Clients Immediately (Without The Hassle Of Creating Them From Scratch):


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