Episode 025 - Forging a new career with Flavia and Jimi from FCMFIT

Episode 025 – Forging a new path with Flavia and Jimi from FCMFIT

Welcome to Episode 025 where we interview Flavia and Jimi from FCMFIT as they talk about forging a new path in fitness.  

I am sure you recognize Flavia Cacace-Mistry as the professional dancer on from Strictly Come Dancing and her husband Jimi Mistry from many Hollywood movies, Eastenders and Coronation Street. 

What you may not know about Flavia and Jimi is that they have combined their passion and love for health, fitness, and nutrition to forge a new path.

This is an absolute MUST listen if you are forging a new path as a FitPro and face difficult start-up decisions, self-doubt and resistance from family and friends.

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Grab the FitPro Sessions Podcast show notes:


0:00 Intro to today’s FitPro Sessions Podcast with Flavia and Jimi from FCMFIT
1:30 Who are Flavia Cacace-Mistry and Jimi Mistry?
3:20 What is FCMFIT? and why did you choose fitness as a new career path?5:00 “If your cup isn’t overflowing then you can’t give to others”
7:30 Making a career change into fitness at 40 years old
9:30 Regardless of the achievements so far, there can still be MORE
12:00 Crying in your porridge and the Beach ball analogy
15:00 What was the decision-making process before choosing to retrain?
17:00 What were the hidden benefits from training courses?
20:00 “Am I doing the right thing?”
23:43 What were the biggest takeaways from the course aside from the qualifications itself?
25:00 Join us on our journey to a new level of health, fitness and lifestyle
28:00 What can you pull from your past experiences to help you where you are now?
32:00 The importance of good posture
33:00 What is Dance Hiit with FCMFIT?
39:40 What are some of the Food-Swaps that you suggest inside FCMFIT
43:00 Brussel Sprouts 🙂
45:20 What’s the best thing about working as a husband-wife team?
48:50 Being the directors of your own life
49:20 Who is the bossiest inside FCMFIT?
51:00 What advice would you give someone that is starting a Fitness Business?
55:00 The power of affirmations to create positive thoughts
1:00:00 Where do you FCMFIT going in 2020
1:01:00 The importance of fitness, nutrition, and life
1:03:00 Following a clear system for success in FCMFIT
1:08:00 Being vulnerable and being YOU
1:11:00 How will you benefit from your celebrity status at the start of your new fitness business?
1:15:00 Learner Question: How have you added regressions and progressions to complex dance moves?
1:18:00 Learner What advice can you give to someone that wants to do online training/ fitness coaching
1:24:00 What Three tips would you give to someone wanting to start out in health and fitness?
1:26:00 What is your definition of an Outstanding Coach?

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