FitPro Sessions Podcast Episode023 Your Rich Life With Louise Cartwright

Episode 023: Your Rich Life With Louise Cartwright

Welcome to Episode 023 where Neale talks to Louise Cartwright about mindset, how to master the game and having your richest life ever

This is an absolute MUST listen if you are starting out as a FitPro and being sabotaged by your mindset, self-doubt and feeling fearful of success and money

Louise Cartwright is a Mindset & High-Performance Coach for the Soulfully Ambitious, helping her clients make more money doing what you love.

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0:00 Intro to today’s FitPro Sessions Podcast
1:00 Who is Louise Cartwright?
2:00 Why did you choose to become a personal trainer?
4:00 “The journey to becoming a PT taught me so much”
4:30 Fear, Anxiety and Limiting Beliefs
6:00 Exploring faulty conditions in Mindset
8:45 What was the attraction towards becoming a Personal Trainer?
14:00 What was the first few years of PT like? “See how far you’ve come”
18:00 Changing the price strategy in an existing fitness business
20:40 “I can’t do this again, can we just change the story”
27:00 How do you deal with client burdens as a coach?
35:00 Only 9% of people will ever finish a Online Course
48:00 What is the average day for Louise Cartwright, high performance coach?
54:00 “You do not influence someone by bullying them”
59:00 Providing the belief that it can be achieved
1:03:00 “Your past cannot live in your present, only if you are absent”
1:08:00 The mindset of wanting MORE
1:11:00 Pricing for your services will deliver an expectation
1:13:00 If you can make $4Million a year teaching knitting, think what is possible
1:17:00 Creating a balance in life to include the things you love
1:19:00 What does 2020 hold for Louise Cartwright?
1:23:00 Money Mindset Is a big message, and I’m holding that flag
1:25:00 Why you shouldn’t overlook the ideas and dreams that come to you
1:25:40 Learner Question: How do I find a great Coach for me personally?
1:32:30 Learner Question: How to get past the price of expensive coaching?
1:37:00 Results are related to the work you put in
1:40:00 Putting together a programme and product
1:44:00 What Three tips would you give to someone wanting to start out in coaching?
1:49:20 What is your definition of an Outstanding Coach?

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