episode 018 - Taking your foot off the gas in your revision this Christmas

Episode 018 – Taking your foot off the gas in your revision this Christmas

In today’s episode, we dive into the problem of taking your foot off the gas in your revision this Christmas and how this could stop you from passing your exams in 2020.

We explore the problem that you have by stopping, and also the possibility that you can benefit by doing your revision little and often throughout the next 21 days before the end of the year. We even explain how you tackle revision this Christmas without being a scrooge on Christmas morning; and that it all starts with ONE decision…

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1:00 Intro to today’s FitPro Session and 21 days left of 2019
2:30 Enjoy your Christmas and include revision and studies
3:00 The problem with taking your foot off the gas in your revision this Christmas
4:50 Learning is quite hard anyway, it’s even harder if you stop
5:20 Not being a martyr to Christmas
6:00 Keep the foot on the gas a little bit to be further prepared for 2020
7:50 Using Christmas to get ahead of your FItness Business competitors
9:00 “What actions you take today impacts how you feel, think and act tomorrow”
10:45 How to take action on your revision over Christmas
11:29 The simple things are still really powerful
12:45 Little and Often
14:00 BUT I’m busier over the Christmas period
16:30 Strategically schedule your revision time for the most likely times
19:30 Using NET time – how to revise without adding extra things to your schedule
21:20 “If you want to achieve something.. you just have to take a small bit of action every single day”
23:00 The consequences of doing nothing for 3 weeks
24:00 How to manage the spontaneous schedule over Christmas
25:00 Reach out to us to know your intention for studies over Christmas
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Taking your foot off the gas in your revision this Christmas

The biggest problem with taking your foot off the gas in your revision this Christmas?

you QUICKLY grind to a stop. Agree?

it’s kind of like driving at 70mph with your foot pushing on the accelerator to maintain that speed.

If you take your foot off the accelerator a little bit, you will start slowing down.

But, if you take your foot off the accelerator all together you soon grind to a halt.

meaning your journey is slow and you make no progress.

The same applies for your revision this Christmas
^^^ Read that again

If you make the decision to STOP revising, then you will halt your progress. This WILL affect your exam outcome in the new year.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends, but

Consider for 1-sec you can do both.

Instead of moving at 70mph in your revision, you need to keep moving forward at 10mph.

This looks like small daily bite-sized pieces of revision and nothing more… the best thing?

it only needs to be 10-mins a day.

10-mins a day soon adds up.

to somewhere between 50 and 70-mins of revision you wouldn’t do by taking your foot off the gas.

These 10-min bouts of revision keep you moving forwards and your head in the game.

To do this, you must be, organized, scheduled and smart.

You could listen to revision audio’s whilst driving on your way to see family,

or doing your Xmas shopping and wrapping presents.

You could learn one muscle a day or read 2-3 pages from your manual.

What it comes down to?

Making a decision to revise even though it’s Christmas and your brain says switch off and slow down.

to GUIDE your revision I’ve bundled up everything you need and wrapped a nice little bow on it.

Call it the “Christmas Revision Survival Kit”

“EVERYTHING You Need To Learn & Revise Smart This Xmas”

It’s time to keep your foot on the gas, get your revision structured and learn everything you need to know

and feel confident on exam day, all whilst having FUN, eating mince pies and loving Christmas

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See you on the inside

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