Do You Need Perfect Technique As a Personal Trainer

Do You Need Perfect Technique As a Personal Trainer?

Do you need Perfect Technique As a Personal Trainer?

Do you need to be the master?

Do you need to have mastered all exercises before you can coach them and become a personal trainer?

These three questions are continually asked by learners that attend out Level 2 and 3 Fitness Qualifications, as well as learners that are on our in our Inner Circle Facebook Group.

The other day, I had a support call with one of our learners that is currently studying to become a personal trainer and her biggest worry was that she didn’t have perfect technique as a personal trainer; that she hadn’t mastered every single exercise before trying to coach a client. This was not just a little niggle, it was stopping her from “putting herself out there” as a fitness instructor and stopping her from training clients.

You may also feel that you need to be Perfect Technique As a Personal Trainer?

  • That you can’t teach a press up to a client, because you can’t do a full press up yourself.
  • That you can’t teach a deadlift, because you can’t get your bum down very low.
  • That you can’t coach running, because your technique isn’t perfect or your arms flail around like Phoebe from Friends.

Just know that it’s okay to train your clients even if you’ve not mastered every single exercise in the exercise library, but know that you are work in progress and you know how to get them to the most effective technique for that exercise.

There is often a massive internal need to be perfect, and do everything perfect first time, including having perfect technique as a personal trainer. This means that when there is something we don’t feel is perfect, we avoid doing it all together!

My biggest advice is… JUST START! and don’t worry about being the master of all exercises first!

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Drop a comment below what exercise is it, that you’ve not fully mastered the technique for, and a little bit worried that this will affect your performance as a coach?

If you are already a personal trainer, and looking to progress, build confidence and master coaching skills, then I strongly recommend you click the link below to learn more about our Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer Qualification:

[Note: The Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer is only for students who hold a current and valid Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. So if you haven’t yet enrolled in that program, please REACH OUT TO US so we can help you get qualified as a Level 3 first.]

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