Covid-19 Lockdown 2: Which FitPro are you?

This blog is a FB live replay to support, guide and motivate FitPros as we go into Covid-19 Lockdown 2.

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • Our early views on the lockdown as of 02/11/2020
  • What you can expect as possible for you as a FitPro
  • WHICH FitPro are you – choose from 4 types of fitpros as you learn from lockdown one and move forward to lockdown 2

Watch “Covid-19 Lockdown 2: Which FitPro are you?”


1:00 How Lockdown 2 is affecting Parallel Coaching?
4:00 How will Covid-19 lockdown affect Personal Training?
5:00 Using evidence from the last lockdown to create the lockdown result you want -learning from our lessons
8:30 Which FitPro are you? The 4 types
17:40 Who were you in Lockdown 1, who will you be in lockdown 2?
19:00 We will be seizing the day with course development 🙂
22:40 All in or all out?
28:00 #SeizeTheDay (not hashtag STD lol)
32:00 Join our Inner Circle Facebook group to be part of our Parallel Coaching Tribe
36:00 Boris isn’t going to be specific for Personal Trainers, its our responsibility to find the detailed specifics (get a clicker)

Which FitPro Are You?

🗝4. The victim:

This type of FitPro had their head in their sand throughout Lockdown 1, and blamed the government and everyone else for the fact they didn’t have a productive lockdown. They will achieve little-to-nothing over lockdown, and wont even set a goal to complete something for when lockdown “ends” in four weeks time.

🗝3. The “if only” regretter:

This type of FitPro got to the end of lockdown 1 and looked back with regret. They will get to the end of lockdown 2 and see the opportunity they have missed. They have thoughts like:

  • “if only I had set up my business online”,
  • or “if only I had learned X”,
  • or “if only I had started this qualification”.

🗝2. The “day late dollar short”:

During Lockdown 1, this type of fitpro took a while to adjust and get started… but they did take action (eventually). It means they didnt quite hit their entire fitpro or learning goal, and they were a little late to the party. But they did do it 🙂

🗝1. The “seize the day:

This FitPro takes massive action immediately, and seizes the day to create anew opportunity from the inconvenience of Lockdown. We saw great examples of this in our trainee and qualified fitpros.

Some completing qualifications in as little as two weeks. Others setting up their entire business to pivot onto online and earn more than they were in club. I think we’d all wanna be this FitPro in Lockdown 2 (even if we weren’t in lockdown 1).

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