[Course Launch] Our New Personal Trainer Course

[Course Launch] Our New Personal Trainer Course

Today we launch our New Personal Trainer Course, and here’s why we are doing it now…

We believe that each of our learners becomes part of our Parallel Coaching Community, a family of Fit Pros that all want to help their clients get amazing results and be the most outstanding version of themselves. I hope you agree, it’s a pretty amazing community to be part of.

I’ll be honest, a few years ago we found it hard to articulate this, and stopped running our group Personal Trainer Course and Qualifications. We found that all the other providers were cutting the standards and jumping on the funding bandwagon, but didn’t really care WHO their learners were.

It pained us to watch other training providers,
It pained us to watch other providers treat their learners like a number and learners graduating from their courses without the confidence or the knowledge to really start their careers. We would watch learners graduate from other providers and stay in a career they hate, too scared to take the first steps towards their dream fitness careers.

So, rightly or wrongly we stopped doing our Personal Trainer Course. 
Our last group course was over 2 years ago now.

We shifted our focus to help trainee fitness professionals, regardless of who they are training with, so they can feel confident in their knowledge and start their dream careers.

Over the last 2 years, we have realised that
it’s not about what others are doing that counts, 
it only matters that we are showing up as our best version and moving closer to our own mission.

Our goal is to help 10,000 fitness professionals by 2020; To Start, Stay & Develop In Their Career! 
A lot of this is via our Revision Mastery Bootcamps, and online community. However, we love teaching brand new Fit Pros to be outstanding in their new fitness career, and we want to expand our Parallel Coaching Community to include more newly qualified PTs via our new Personal Trainer Course …

We are looking for eight fitness enthusiasts who want to be part of our Parallel Coaching Community

and it is really important to us that they also…
– want to kickstart a fitness career or fitness moonlighting
– want to become a qualified personal trainer
– are a hard worker
– want to train with us in the classroom
– loves working with people and wants to help clients get amazing results

This is only open to 8 learners, on an application-only basis and we start in just 6 weeks, so we really need your help!

As a loyal member of our Parallel Community, there are two ways you can help us find these really specific people:

1. If you know someone that fits this description and is looking to be a qualified personal trainer, then simply message us HERE with their namephone noemail, and why you think they would be great as our Parallel Coaching Community, and this course.

As a thank you, If they join us on the course, we will send you £50 cash straight to your bank account; or give you £100 off one of our courses. If you know multiple people that would be a great fit, then you’ll get this per person that signs up 🙂

2If it is you! If you are reading this email and we have literally explained YOU, then we would love to hear from you. Just message us HERE and we’ll jump on a call to see if we are a good fit for each other.

We are both super excited about extending the Parallel Coaching community to these 8 learners… and can’t wait to hear from you, so hit the link below 🙂

You can contact us directly by clicking the link below:

Dedicated to your learning,


Parallel Coaching

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