[Communication Triangle] Why your first PT session feels awkward

[Communication Triangle] Why your first PT session feels awkward

[Communication Triangle] Why your first PT session feels awkward

Have you ever had that awkward feeling on a first PT session with a client?

Have you ever thought to yourself… “It feels awkward – it must be them!”
Building rapport is a two-way street, but you can do a lot to influence rapport building, avoid feeling awkward and structure the session more effectively.

One of the best techniques to remove the awkward feeling is to learn how to communicate properly.
In this video I introduce the communication triangle.

If you start out at the bottom of the triangle with every client, then you will appear professional and courteous. Gradually work your way up the triangle with every client, and your first PT Session wont be awkward!

[Communication Triangle] Why your first PT session feels awkward

Some people need longer to metaphorically break the ice, and others will open up straight away. This is individual, so don’t go in with expectations that you will pin point their emotional trigger and solve all problems with one session of chatting.

Next time you have a first PT session with a new client, use this communication triangle model to break the ice. Start with the safe levels of communication, and then gradually work your way up to the more risky topics and questions.

Allow yourself to sense whether the client is ready for the next level or not. This might mean that you need to move around your plan,

  • Maybe its not appropriate to do skinfold caliper measurements today,
  • Maybe you need to stick with surface level goals for now, but appreciate you can go deeper and allow it to change later.
  • Maybe your client is ready to move quicker than you planned.
  • Maybe you need to increase your options, by preparing alternative tasks and questions, so you are prepared for the direction your client wants to go.

My main point is allow yourself to follow a structured model, like this communication triangle, and improvise around it, adapting for each and every client.

Once you give this a go, comment below – did it help alleviate that awkward feeling?

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This 16 week Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training will allow you to provide a greater level of service to all future clients as an advanced personal trainer. Meaning your training session become more focused and relevant to your client’s goals. Your coaching is based on science and therefore, client results are guaranteed, which ultimately means greater client retention and attract more clients as you become an expert.

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Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video, or on our L4 Advanced PT course 🙂

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