Common Clinical Conditions: Season 4 Finale The Biggest Takeaways

Today’s FitPro Session Podcast Episode is the season 4 finale. Neale and I discuss our biggest takeaways and best bits from all of season 4: common clinical conditions

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • our big takeaways from Season 4
  • putting HEALTH back into the fitness industry
  • digging your flag in the sand and specializing with your client

Watch S4E10: Common Clinical Conditions: Season 4 Finale – The Biggest Takeaways


0:30 Welcome to Season 4 Episode 10 of the FitPro Sessions Podcast: Season 4 Finale – The Biggest Takeaways
3:00 Our biggest takeaways from Season 4: Common Clinical Conditions
7:20 [Episode 1] The change starts with us
13:30 [Episode 2] Activity and Lifestyle Vs Medications
18:40 [Episode 3] Clive’s story and the status test
24:00 [Episode 4] Why weight loss is a behaviour change issue with Mary
30:20 [Episode 5] A good coach asks world-class questions
35:20 [Episode 6] One Potato – Doughnut- Two Potato – Doughnut
36:50 Understanding joints and pain. An invite to our Squat Assessment Bootcamp that launches today
41:00 [Episode 7] 3 Client Mental Health Tool kits
48:50 [Episode 8] Joints act, Muscles React
52.20[Episode 9] Using SOAP to structure planning
58:00 What is your big takeaway, and what is your “flag in the sand”, how will you stand out as a FitPro, and help more people. Message us … Or Comment Below

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