Be Obsessive - VItamin PC Podcast

Be Obsessive: Vitamin PC Podcast

Today’s Vitamin PC explores a quote from the late and great Kobe Bryant:

“Be Obsessive”.

Join us as we extract the lesson and relate it to you as a FitPro

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The importance of being Obsessive to get a result
  • How being obsessive is seen as negative, but is the secret to your success
  • How to apply OBSESSION to you as a trainee FitPro

Watch S3:E5 of our FitPro Sessions Podcast:


0:30 Welcome to today’s Vitamin PC Podcast Episode: “Be Obsessive” by Kobe Bryant
2:30 How Kobe Bryant’s was Obsessive about his outcome
3:30 Being just one degree off course changes your direction
4:45 How being obsessive is often seen as negative,
6:30 How we have become obsessive to get the result we want
8:00 People first ask WHY and then they ask HOW
10:00 To be outstanding you have to stand out
11:30 Where in your world do you need to be more obsessive
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