Base Meals on Starchy Foods, L3 Nutrition Revision

Base Meals on Starchy Foods?? L3 Nutrition Revision

We have all heard it… or said it!

“The Eat Well Plate is wrong” especially the part that states “base meals on starchy foods”.

This video is all about preparing for your nutrition exam and understanding when to switch off opinion.

The exam will often ask you to recall the guidelines set out by the Food Standards Agency and the Eat Well Plate.

Therefore, whether you believe it is “right” or not you need to know the guidelines and be willing to consider them in your exam.

This 5 minute video unpicks the age old argument about Starchy Foods and Carbohydrates.

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Do you agree with the Eat Well plate – should we base meals on starchy foods?

Base Meals on Starchy Foods??

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