Atherosclerosis Treatment Giving Advice as a Personal Trainer i

Atherosclerosis Treatment: Giving Advice as a Personal Trainer 

What is the best atherosclerosis treatment, and how do you give advice as a Personal Trainer.

What is atherosclerosis?

You learn about atherosclerosis as part of your level 3 anatomy and physiology, but is it really relevant? If you don’t know what atherosclerosis is, check out this video first. I make it super simple by using a foam roller and a pair of socks

It’s great to know what it is … but what advice should you be giving as a Personal Trainer?

Atherosclerosis Treatment: Giving Advice as a Personal Trainer

How do you know if your client has atherosclerosis?

The best way to tell if a clients circulatory system is stressed is via blood pressure. A raised blood pressure is more than likely caused by atherosclerosis – but there are other causes too including stress, high heart rate, and elevated salt intake.

If your client’s blood pressure is above 140 on systolic or 90 on diastolic then there is a good chance that their internal system is stressed… here’s what you should do:

1.Refer Out

If blood pressure is above normal you must refer them to the GP – this is really important and shouldn’t be ignored. Adding an additional stress ie exercise, to an already stressed system, can be fatal.

Working with hypertensive clients requires lots of adaptations, and also requires an exercise referral qualification…

If you would like to become an exercise referral specialist, check out our course here:

2. Move More

If your client has a safe, but slightly elevated blood pressure… then you should encourage them to move more. Any movement will help, whether it is walking, cleaning or even pacing whilst on the phone. Activity increases HDL – High-Density Lipoproteins – which helps combat the atherosclerosis plaques.

3. Nutrition Advice

Encourage your client to adjust their foods with small lifestyle changes. This should include

  • an increase of fruit and vegetables,
  • a reduction of processed food,
  • a reduction of salt and
  • a reduction of trans fats.

This will help to reduce LDLs in the blood and combat atherosclerosis and lower blood pressure.

So now you know what to do for Atherosclerosis treatment, leave a comment below, how would you explain atherosclerosis to your client in the simplest way.

Thank you for watching – See you in the next video

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P.S. If you want to know more about atherosclerosis, check out this video by Dr Eric Berg :

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