Are You Overwhelmed With Your Revision and Studies?

If you feel overwhelmed with your revision, don’t know where to start, or finding it hard to learn, then keep stay tuned for our easy to follow revision tips that will quickly boost your revision success

Revision overwhelm affects us all, this is not just for FITPROs that are revising for their anatomy and physiology exam, but also for those that are already qualified, working towards other qualifications or have been in the industry for years and learn and progress

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0:00 Intro to season 9 episode 9
02:00 Have you ever been overwhelmed with your revision?
04:00 How to structure your revision to learn without overwhelm
06:00 Testing your knowledge with specificity
09:00 Have a clear revision warm-up and cool-down
14:00 Unmet revision expectations
16:00 Little and Often
20:00 Do you say “I need to get back to revision”
23:00 Taking something complicated and making it simple
26:00 The same ingredients make a great workout and a great revision
29:00 Drop your big takeaways in the comments below or in our Parallel Coaching Inner Circle

Have you ever been overwhelmed with your revision?

In all the years I have been helping FITPROs to pass their exams, then biggest issue that I see people struggle with is overwhelm.

I hear daily about being Overwhelmed…

  • with the volume of topics they have to learn and remember.
  • by not knowing WHAT to learn, in WHAT order or WHAT will come up on exam day
  • by the sheer lack of support and guidance they thought they’d get from their training provider
  • and always feeling like they’re behind… or never good enough.
  • by the thought of even starting your revision.

and when you do start… you sit down, make BIG long lists of what to do, where to start, and what to read?

making 100’s of notes, rewriting the manual and using more highlighter pen than 𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚎𝚡𝚝

Most of this overwhelm can be easily combatted by someone else showing you exactly WHAT you need to learn and in what order. This means that when you sit down to revise, you know waht you are doing,

and revising feels easier…

which will help you boost your confidence and self belief that you can pass with confidence

How to structure your revision to learn without overwhelm

Having a set deadline, for example 4 weeks,

and a list of the content, for example 8 video tutorials or 50 muscles.

This allows you to reverse engineer your revision plan, spreading your learning out between now and your deadline

This means you cant get stuck in the trap of repeating hte same modules of content for weeks nad weeks with little to no progress. Instead you take action, and gather momentum with confidence, allowing time for recapping at the end.

If you know there are 8 modules to learn, you can set the target of 2 per week.

If you know there are 50 muscles to learn you spread them out as 2 per day over 25 days (with a couple of extra days on the end).

Here’s an example of how you could spread out your learning over 4 weeks:

Our Revision Mastery Bootcamps now includes a BONUS weekly Revision planner to help you plan your week AND a 4 and 8-week revision timetable template (just like above). Click the link below to learn more

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Testing your knowledge with specificity

It can be tempting to ask yourself open questions like:

  • “what do i know about the heart?”
  • “explain everything about a muscle”
  • “recall the entire module”

but in reality this doesnt help.

It’s like asking a 5 year old what they did at school today … the answer is always “I dont know” or “nothing”

But if you asked a specific quesiton like “what colour was the spider you made at school today” they would know the asnwer

The same applies in your revision…

dont ask yourself open quesitons. Instead ask very specific questiosn to test knowledge with clarity

Use our Mock Questions to ask yourself very targeted and specific questions, it will be much like the questions you get on your exam…

and it will give you good clarity of stronger and weaker areas of your knwoledge:

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