Anatomy Revision: Punishment or Privilege

Anatomy Revision: Punishment or Privilege

If you hate your anatomy revision and struggle to retain all the knowledge, I want you to stop whatever the Winnie-the-Poo you’re doing and read this right now.

When I talk to people about getting started with their anatomy revision, they’re almost always coming from a negative place.

Answers differ, but

It usually boils down to this:

They feel overwhelmed by the content (googles stuff and still didn’t understand it, lack time, no support, etc), and now they have to “punish” themselves with the mindset that makes them feel lost and flustered every time they sit down to revise.

It’s true…

If you’re struggling with your anatomy revision [you’re not alone], then the habits you currently have with your approach need to change.

👉You need to revise using more than just your manual
👉You need to have clear accountability to revise when you said you were going to revise
👉You need to a fool-proof revision strategy that works!

But why does all that have to be a punishment?

Think about it.

You can choose to revise and learn in a way that’ll positively impact not only your exam score – but also be left feeling positive and having enjoyed the whole revising process.

By making that choice…

You’ll have more energy 💥
You’ll have more learning focus 🌫
You’ll understand all the complex knowledge 😷
You’ll be able to help your clients more 💪
You’ll have more confidence 😁
You’ll have NO exam day nerves 😨

Revising isn’t something you have to do — it’s something you GET to choose.

You’re not in a competition with anyone else,

It’s YOUR choice. Always.

Not all circumstances will be ideal, but you can still make the best of whatever situation you find yourself in.

The Bottom Line:

Stop treating revision like a punishment ❌
Start treating it as a privilege ✅

Thinking positively about revision and focusing on the benefits of kick-starting as a qualified fitness professional who will go on to HELP hundreds – if not thousands of peeps lives.

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