Anatomy and Physiology level 2 - 3 steps to feel prepared and confident for your exam

Anatomy and Physiology Level 2: 3 steps to feel prepared and confident for your exam

In this video, I am going to share our 3 step process of being prepared and confident for your Anatomy and Physiology Level 2 Exams.

Here at Parallel Coaching, we have helped thousands of learners pass Anatomy and Physiology Level 2 with confidence. Some have passed using our YouTube and Free blogs (like this one), and others have accelerated their progress using our Revision Mastery Bootcamp

Today we are going to show you a 3 step process that we use with our learners to guarantee feeling prepared and confident on exam day.

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Anatomy and Physiology Level 2: 3 steps to feel prepared and confident for your exam

The 3 steps to feel prepared and confident for your Anatomy and Physiology Level 2 exam

Step 1: Know where you are starting

Using Mock questions is a fantastic way to understand where you are right now.

What are you good at? What are you not so good at? How are you at answering questions? What is difficult?

Understanding the answer to all of these questions will help you prepare your learning in the right way for the exam

You can do this using our 88 Mock Questions HERE

Step 2: Mindset and Strategy

You could know everything about the exam content possible. But if you can’t keep your cool on exam day… then you won’t pass!

Having an exam strategy:

  • can reduce stress and anxiety by up to 70%

  • allows you to keep your cool

  • will help you read the questions better

We use two main exam strategies here at Parallel Coaching, The Brain Dump, and The KINGS Formula…

These two exam day strategies will instantly help you feel more prepared and more confident about your exams

You can get these strategies as an Exclusive Bonus (Instant Passing Hacks) free when you join our Revision mastery bootcamp now

Step 3: Simplify and Structure:

Learning is essentially just linking the Known to the Unknown, and that why it doesn’t work when you just read and hope you will remember it.
You need to link what you do know to the new thing you don’t know.

Then you can simplify that with acronyms, metaphors and analogies
You also need structure to your studies, so you know that you have covered all of the areas that you will be tested on.

For Anatomy and Physiology Level 2, there are 8 sections that you need to cover in your learning and revision:

  • The Heart & Circulatory System
  • The Respiratory System
  • The Skeletal Structure & Function
  • Joints & Joint Actions
  • The Muscular System
  • The Musculoskeletal System For Special Populations
  • The Energy Systems
  • The Nervous System

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You get a video and cheat sheet for each of the modules in your Anatomy and Physiology.

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Research shows that relying on this old way of learning isn’t enough to guarantee a pass, let alone feel confident walking into your Level 2 A&P exam. 

The revision mastery Bootcamp takes your revision to the next level. 
You will learn via structured video tutorials, cheat sheets and audio downloads… it’s just like having a 121 tutor on your phone or laptop, ANYWHERE, anytime

Only this way, you won’t fall asleep whilst revising and you’ll actually learn to enjoy anatomy. 

This is not another course with more exams – it HELPS pass the course you’re already enrolled on!

“EVERYTHING You Need To Learn, Revise And Pass Your Level 2 Anatomy & Physiology Exam”
If you want to get your revision structured, learn everything you need to know and feel confident on exam day, then click the link below:

See you on the inside

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