Am I Fit Enough To Become A Kettlebell Instructor

Am I Fit Enough To Become A Kettlebell Instructor?

Do you believe you are too unfit to become a kettlebell instructor?

It’s true that kettlebell training can be demanding, and it is usually combined into High-Intensity Interval Training which may be a little daunting or potentially not appropriate for certain ability levels. I can see why low-fitness levels could be a barrier to becoming a fit pro…

However, becoming a kettlebell instructor is about much more than just your fitness level. In this blog I’ll explain why being fit is not a requirement but first I was to share a story about Tony…

Tony’s Story of Self Doubt

Tony was the best part of 21 stone when he started his journey to become a fitness professional and kettlebell instructor. He knew that he would have to overcome some physical barriers on his journey to becoming a Personal Trainer, and knew it would be tough at times… but he did not imagine this:

With an inactive highly stressful sales job, and years of carrying excess weight, Tony found it super difficult to get up and down from the floor, his wrists hurt, his back cramped and his knees buckled. His range of movement was reduced and he couldn’t run or jog at all. Needless to say Tony had physical limitations but most of all he met a lot of self-doubt along his journey to becoming a fit pro.

He doubted that he:

  • would ever be taken seriously as an instructor
  • could do the necessary demos to teach clients
  • he doubted that he could even get a client to achieve serious weight loss, as he hadn’t done it himself
  • above all, he dreaded the kettlebell course and thought it would be impossible to ever become a kettlebell instructor

Throughout his PT course, Tony learned how to adapt to certain physical limitations and make adaptations, and he started to feel a little more reassured… all the time worrying about the upcoming kettlebell instructor course.

The day of the Kettlebell course

The day arrived, 15 learners filled the studio, excited and a little nervous. But we were missing one – Tony was nowhere to be seen. Whilst Neale started the course, I went to get a few more kettlebells from the car. Only to see Tony still sat in his car, red-eyed and gripping the steering wheel.

He had got so worked up about not being able to do the course that he had totally frozen and unable to face the day ahead. He felt stuck, bot physically and mentally.

After a cup of tea and a chat, Tony joined the group. Much to his surprise, he was able to do 99% of all the exercises, which was more than he could usually do with the gym kit.

He learned crucial external cues that accelerated his ability to introduce an exercise without ever showing a demo. His coaching confidence went through the roof, by the end of the day Tony was leading groups of fitpros and teaching them all sorts of exercises. Sometimes he would demo, other times he used external cues and clear explanations.

The last part of the kettlebell course is the evaluation where we go around the room to give praise to someone that we have worked with that day, and almost EVERY learner agreed that Tony had been a real asset to the group. He was loud, confident, clear and methodical, all the attributes that the other instructors wish they also had.

Being fit isn’t a requirement

If like Tony, you are frozen by your own self-doubt that you are too fat, too unfit, too old, too injured, too quiet or too broken… Then take a step back and believe that its ok to be ALL of those things and still become a kettlebell instructor that is absolutely outstanding.

You don’t need to be superfit to become a kettlebell instructor, you just need to learn the right tools and tactics that will bring out the coach in you. And that’s what we do in our Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Course.

Become a Kettlebell Instructor

Our Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Course is designed for existing fitness professionals (L2 Gym, L2 ETM, L3 PT, L3 Pilates, L3 Yoga) and open to all fitness abilities.

You will not only learn how to become an outstanding kettlebell instructor, you will also:

  • Learn 14+ foundational kettlebell exercises and the correct technique.
  • Challenge your existing coaching skills to a new level.
  • Discover internal and external cues and teaching methods to correct your client’s technique and improve performance.
  • Find out how you can add kettlebell training as part of a profitable business model in an exclusive kettlebell business workshop.
  • Accelerate your own technique and understand how to teach and correct your clients effectively.

We run this kettlebell course 2-3 times every year in Milton Keynes.
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We run this kettlebell course 2-3 times every year in Milton Keynes.
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