8 emotional stages of starting revision for anatomy exams

8 Emotional Stages of Starting Revision For Anatomy Exams

The deadline is looming and you know it is time to start your revision for anatomy exams.

There’s just one thing standing in your way: The fact you’d rather eat cold sprouts than open your manual and start your revision.

If you’re miraculously hauling stacks of books to your dining room table and scouring the internet for helpful revision tips, here are the 8 emotional stages you’ll probably deal with.

8 Emotional Stages of Starting Revision For Anatomy Exams:


It’s 6am, it’s dark outside and it’s colder than the North Pole. You genuinely cannot be expected to function as a human being at this ungodly hour, let alone start revision for anatomy exams.


You go to the gym regularly, so you must know plenty about the body. It is ages until your exam anyway, isn’t it? OK fine, it’s two weeks away, but you have loads of time next weekend to study. Oh, and your friend said you can look at their notes. That’s basically all the revision that is needed, right?


How did you let yourself get in this mess? no revision and the exam is only a week away? It’s too late to even try, you might as well just throw away the manual and accept you’re will never pass the exam.


Is it just you? Everyone else in your class has been studying regularly and know what they are talking about. They can answer questions in class, look confident and don’t freeze at the thought of the exam. Yup, starting revision for anatomy exams is intimidating.


Good lord, there is are 50 muscles to learn, a thick manual and hundreds of long words. you’ve been sat trying to revise for hours and keep falling asleep every 15 minutes from re-reading the same paragraph over and over.

This is surely going to be the death of you. There is absolutely no way you can endure another 60 minutes of this.

Too many learners stay in this emotional stage for far too long.  To move out of this emotional stage, it is important to simplify your learning and get a revision “win”.  Break the cycle with our Revision Mastery Series and confidently learn, retain and recall your anatomy and physiology revision.


Against all odds though, you persevere and miraculously manage to start revision for anatomy exams. That sliding filament theory? It’s not going to defeat you today.

Who is this new and improved you that’s productively whipping through the anatomy and physiology revision?


The pain is over, the bulk of the revision is done for the day and now there’s just one thing to do: Ride that glorious post-revision high. Ahh, bliss!


Deep down, you knew there was a reason you started your revision for anatomy exams: So you could shove it in everyone’s face how bloomin’ marvelous you are.

Loved ones, co-workers, classmates, randoms on the street – everyone will hear about how you woke up extra early this morning to smash out an hour of revision before work.

Key Message

Wherever you are in these 8 emotional stages, just know it will get easier. Just like doing a Tabata on the treadmill for the first time, or following an overly complex recipe... starting revision for anatomy exams can feel frustrating, overwhelming and damn impossible at times.
It is important to find a method of learning that will help you get a "win", that will simplify the complexities and allow you to build confidence in your ability.

If you are sick of feeling anger, fear and pain every time you sit down to start your revision for anatomy exams, then there is a better way. Our Revision Mastery Series will move you through these 8 emotional stages so you can feel a euphoric high and that smugness that comes from being confident in your knowledge.  To pass your exam with confidence join our Revision Mastery Series HERE.

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