6 Steps to and awesome first personal training session

6 steps to an awesome first personal training session

If you ever have the awkward feeling in your first personal training session, trying to up straight into goal setting and measurements just leaves things feeling even more strange.

If you want to make a successful first impression with a new client then there are 6 straight forward steps to follow.

6 steps to an awesome first personal training session

Follow each in order:
1) Make them feel comfortable – pick a good environment/ offer a coffee

2)Ask them if they have any questions to as you before they start – this empties their mind of any worries and allows them to focus 100% on what you have planned.

3) Contracting and Informed Consent – this is where you set your ground rules, discuss payment and gain an informed consent of what to expect.

4) Goals – As k your client what they would like to achieve, and by when. Make it really measurable and specific and make sure it has an emotional root to help them stay focused.

5) Explain to them the landscape / overview of the plan ahead – how will the next 6 to 8 weeks look and what will you offer in order to help them achieve the goals they just set. Ask them if they would change it all… make sure that they are in total agreement and excitement about the plan you have provisionally set. This is an overview, it doesn’t include detail of exercises and sets.

6) Take measurements – if you want to achieve a goal, then you have to measure it. What gets measured gets managed. So pick 3-5 measurements that will help you track your clients progress and do these. Then wrap up the session, summarising your next step and their next step.

These 6 steps are easy to follow and will give you structure to create an awesome first personal training session

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