5 Tactics To Dissolve Exam Day Stress and Anxiety

Let me tell you a quick story before we scroll down to the 5 Tactics to dissolve exam day stress and anxiety.

Maria contacted me as she’d recently failed her Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology exam through another provider.

She had done her best she said, making notes in her manual and trawling the internet for more clarity. The ONE thing that stood out for me when we spoke though,

“I didn’t know what I need to learn for the exam, the manual is so big, what exactly should I be revising?”

This left Maria with low confidence and come exam day, well…

Restless legs, a churning stomach and gripping the book in her hand so tight that her knuckles turned white as she walked into the exam room.

Her self-talk sent her around in circles, thinking of worst-case scenarios and worrying about everything, replaying the same thought in her head over and over.

“I don’t feel I know enough”

As she met others on her course before the exam started it was evident everyone was cracking a fake smile, “maybe everyone else feels the same as me” – Maris asked!

Yep that’s EXAM Stress and Anxiety!

I want to BARK this from the tree tops!

I am 100% confident you can collapse this exam day stress and anxiety using the 5 tactics below.

In fact the current 2500 active learners inside our L2 A&P Revision Mastery Bootcamp have and are using this to confidently pass their Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology exam with top marks.

Read through the following 5 Tactics NOW.

1. Exam Day Stress: Don’t Listen To The Negative

Regardless of the training provider that you are doing your exam through, and the set up on the day, there is one thing you can guarantee… You will be part of a group of learners that are all taking their exam at the same time.

You can feel the tension in the air, and the quiet mutterings from every learner, looking for verification that they have done enough revision.

Pre-exam nerves will send anxiety into a tailspin.

Other learners will ask you about revision topics, or tell you they haven’t done enough revision. They will tell you it is going to be tough and that they don’t feel prepared.

This is the last thing that you want to hear before your exam…

You may have heard the phrase “Be the Gate-Keeper to your mind”, and this is 100% appropriate here…

It’s crucial that you don’t listen to any of these negative comments. Do anything you can to avoid these conversations of how little revision your friends are done.

A simple method is to look at your phone, or go to the toilet, or simply change the subject to a more positive one.

It doesn’t matter how you decide to avoid the negativity, as long as you be the gate-keeper to your mind.

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2. Exam Day Stress: Be Prepared

The definition of stress is “a state of mental/emotional strain/tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.”

The thing with stress is that it shows a gap between where we are now and where we want or need to be. For example, you need to gain 70% on your exam to pass, but if you are currently getting 50% on your mock papers then there is a gap.

This gap shows you that, taking the exam right now would be a demanding circumstance; a circumstance that requires you to improve by 20% without any further revision or study.

This causes the emotional strain we feel as stress and anxiety.

However, if you were well prepared for the exam then you would also have a lot less stressed and anxiety overall.

Have you done enough revision in the right areas?

Be the gate-keeper to your mind.

Take control on exam day and don’t let other peeps lack of revision take you off-track!

Remember #YouRock

3. Exam Day Stress: Have A Revision Strategy

A revision strategy will you set you up for success and allow you to feel more control over your exam day result. Anxiety usually comes from a feeling of failure and lack of control.

Therefore a strategy that offers structure and reassurance will add the control you need and can help you recall the knowledge you’ve learned for each section of the exam

.[NOTE: there are 8 sections to the Level 2 Anatomy & Physiology exam… that’s why we broke the L2 A&P Revision Mastery Bootcamp into 8 easy modules]

Having a revision strategy is your GOLDEN KEY. Learning and retaining all the knowledge required to ensure you turn up to your exam 100% confident. Confident in any question that could come up!

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4. Exam Day Stress: A Normal Day

Keep your day as normal as possible.

Routine gives you a sense of control, so you want to keep as much of your normal routine as possible.

Avoid the temptation to eat something different, do more exercise, skip breakfast, have more coffee… keep it as normal as possible.

The moment you fall out of routine, skip a meal or add in an energy drink, your body is now flux with further stress response hormones meaning you feel even more on edge.

Win back exam day control by sticking to a routine that works for you… don’t try anything new!

5. Exam Day Stress: A Good Night’s Sleep

A good nights sleep is the perfect antidote to feeling anxious.

But it can be hard to sleep whilst you have revision notes and “to-dos” running through your mind. You find yourself lying wide awake mulling over origins and insertions, which side of the heart if the bi-cuspid valve alongside thoughts of what exam questions you’d like to come up!

First grab yourself a pen and paper and put it next to your bed, jot down your thoughts and help stop the incessant runaway train in your mind.

Next, think of 3 TOTALLY RANDOM objects, not related to your exam or studies in any way. REPEAT these 3 objects over and over again – and I guarantee the next thing you know, you’ll be waking up by your alarm.

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Dedicated to more – Hayley 🙂

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